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A long line of voters moves slowly past a painting by Kehinde Wiley at a polling site in the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York in 2008.

Obama Picks Genius Hip-Hop Portraitist Kehinde Wiley to Paint His Official Presidential Portrait

The artist will imaginably have a novel spin on the traditionally formal composition.

Is Your Agency Ready for New Evidence-Based Policy Tools?

The goal is to strengthen a culture of learning and improvement.

Play of the Day: The Border Wall Prototypes Are Here

Stephen Colbert showcases the samples of the Trump plan for the southern border.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has said he will have no tolerance for harassment in the workplace.

Zinke Cracks Down on Sexual Harassment in National Park Service

Almost 39 percent of National Park Service employees say they've experienced harassment within the last year.

The 6 Agencies Where Employee Morale Has Declined the Most

State Department sees decline in satisfaction and engagement, while the African Development Fund reversed course on 2016 gains.

House Moves Bills Enhancing Whistleblower Protections

Supervisors found to have retaliated against employees who report possible wrongdoing would face mandatory discipline.

How to Beat Burnout at Work

Burnout isn't only about being too busy—it can also arise when workers feel under-utilized or full of self-doubt.

Trump Keeps Passing the Buck to Congress

On Obamacare subsidies, the Iran deal, and DACA, the president has taken unprecedented steps to hand executive authority back to lawmakers.

U.S. Government Agencies are Buying Ads On Facebook—In Russian

Voice of America spends tens of thousands of dollars on Facebook ads.