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GOP leaders try again to beat clock on budget-cutting bill

House Republicans' effort to push through measure cutting wide swath of government programs fell short last week.

Forward Observer: Tortured Logic

If Sen. John McCain's anti-torture amendment fails, brutal foreign governments will be less inclined to observe the narrow firebreak between life and death when abusing U.S. prisoners.

Army to launch database on sexual assault incidents

Move raises privacy concerns, advocacy group says.

OPM drops terrorist-screening rule for federal charity drive

Participating organizations no longer required to check employees against government watch lists.

Homeland Security appeals decision blocking personnel reforms

Bush administration continues push for governmentwide reform despite DHS’ legal troubles.

FBI's cyber division wins key backing in Congress

Senate appropriators restore $20 million in fiscal 2006 funding for the agents that agency had sought to cut.

Federal robot research offers consumer benefits

Government development of mobile robots may lead to a host of products previously only envisioned as science fiction.