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Homeland Security appeals decision blocking personnel reforms

Bush administration continues push for governmentwide reform despite DHS’ legal troubles.

FBI's cyber division wins key backing in Congress

Senate appropriators restore $20 million in fiscal 2006 funding for the agents that agency had sought to cut.

Federal robot research offers consumer benefits

Government development of mobile robots may lead to a host of products previously only envisioned as science fiction.

Data needed to support Medicare pay-for-performance drive

Push to reimburse physicians based on quality of treatment requires fresh approach to measuring performance.

Congress allows NASA to continue paying Russia for space services

Amended nonproliferation act lets United States maintain presence on the International Space Station.

GSA raises per diem rates for 15 locations

Higher rates take effect Nov. 20.

Bidders confused by provisions in DHS request for IT services

Confusion could lead contractors to submit extra bids, protest results of massive acquisition.