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Work Auditions

Here’s an idea: New employees should excel to keep their jobs.

West Virginia lawmakers prepare mine safety bill

Measure could include language establishing a federal rapid response team to assist local rescue workers.

DHS urged to finish analysis of visitor tracking system

Department needs to complete a strategic plan to indicate how the program fits with other border security initiatives, GAO says.

Caution urged for executives seeking spots on nonprofit boards

Agencies should be careful about allowing their employees to serve on boards of groups with an interest in their work, Justice Department opinion says.

Space agency defends acquisitions processes

NASA says one-of-a-kind projects are less amenable to standardized reviews.

Report encourages Pentagon to focus more on homeland defense

Conventional weapons systems and missile defense system should be cut back, analysts say in a new study.

Lawmakers seek details on administration's spying

Key senator asks why Bush failed to offer all members of the House and Senate Intelligence committees a briefing on the warrantless eavesdropping program.

FAA accuses New York controllers of overtime abuse

Union official says allegations are "simply fabricated."