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Port security, cargo screening bills gain support

Measures would, among other things, authorize more funding for initiative to inspect high-risk containers.

GSA acquisition units report losses

Steps to improve the financial picture this year include a hiring freeze and cutting back on training, travel.

Ex-FEMA director: Restore agency's independence

In an interview, Michael Brown says disaster response agency gets “short shrift” next to the Homeland Security Department’s anti-terrorism activities.

Outgoing EPA inspector general tells of search for accountability

Nikki Tinsley also pushes for change in salary rules that restrict IGs’ earnings potential.

Report: Better IT support leads to more federal telework

Survey results indicate that perceptions about working away from the office are improving.

Army seeks to restore $3 billion for tank upgrades

Wish list for funding beyond what is in the 2006 supplemental bill and 2007 budget request also includes $400 million to buy 1,145 Humvees.

Supplemental bill contains less than requested for Gulf Coast

Reductions would be in funds for shipbuilding, repairs to military facilities and housing vouchers.

Agencies may have trouble meeting ID card deadline, GAO says

Challenges include testing and acquisition of commercial cards and card readers within required timeframe.