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House votes to include feds in student loan repayment program

Bill would remove burden from individual agencies to find money for the benefit.

IRS headquarters to reopen Friday

Building in downtown Washington was evacuated Wednesday morning because of smoke from an electrical fire.

Panel rejects proposal to scan all U.S.-bound shipping containers

Subcommittee accepts another proposal to test and deploy next-generation radiation portal monitors at some seaports.

Hawk or Dove

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales balances tough action with an amiable management style.

GAO knocks IRS for gaps in computer security

Federal employee union cites report as evidence that the agency should not outsource collection of tax debt.

Lawmakers criticize Navy plans to shrink submarine fleet

House members question the security and workforce implications of a plan to reduce the fleet to as few as 40 boats.

Probe raises doubts over focus of DHS agency's investigations

ICE puts only 15 percent of resources toward cases with security or terrorism connections, GAO says in report disputed by the agency.