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Controversial language likely to be cut from immigration bill

Provisions in House-passed legislation--such as language that would make it a felony to be in the United States illegally--are all but certain not to become law.

Internet devices threaten NSA’s ability to gather intelligence legally

Bush argues that the 27-year-old law governing domestic eavesdropping doesn’t adequately address Internet-based communications.

Senate Governmental Affairs leader may run as independent

Challenger to Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., ranking member of Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, says he's too supportive of President Bush.

CSRS vs. FERS: The Reaction

Last week's column on which retirement system is better drew a strong response.

Appropriators skeptical of promised secure border initiative

House subcommittee chairman demands strategic plan; program manager says one is on the way by the end of April.

House GOP leaders pull plug on budget plan

Differences remain on proposed emergency spending limits and earmark restrictions in a separate lobbying overhaul package.

Union seeks to block FAA contract proposal

Two senior Republicans are voicing support for binding arbitration to settle labor conflict.