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House panel signals opposition to dismantling FEMA

A Senate committee recently recommended completely overhauling the agency and giving it a new name.

DHS to design interoperability standards for emergency communications equipment

Since 2003, the department has allocated more than $2.1 billion to states for communications equipment and training.

Plans for digitizing immigration records called into question

Estimated cost of project to electronically store forms is $190 million over eight years.

Debate over admissibility of Safavian-Abramoff e-mails begins

Parties also discuss selection of jurors for trial of ex-GSA chief of staff David Safavian.

Pentagon issues pay tables for new personnel system

Department also puts out hundreds of pages of finalized documents with details on National Security Personnel System.

Senators to seek limited verification of immigrant status

Industry groups and immigrant advocates are supporting Senate proposal over requirements in House border security bill.