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Pumped Up?

So far, gasoline prices are pretty low on the list of issues likely to sway voters in midterm elections.

Telework promoted as way to offset high gas costs

Study shows work-from-home options could cancel out extra commuting costs caused by gas price hikes.

Senator upbraids colleagues for dodging Iraq timeline

Democrats should offer a stronger voice of dissent on national security issues, Wisconsin legislator says Monday.

House GOP leaders seek action on budget resolution

Vote on blueprint could come as early as Thursday; measure would set $873 billion cap on fiscal 2007 discretionary spending.

Insider named GSA’s acting chief of IT procurement

John Johnson now oversees major governmentwide acquisitions for the agency.

GSA offers buyouts to 400 employees

Agency officials said buyouts will supersede traditional layoffs to counter GSA’s low revenues.

Managers get advice on meeting new financial reporting requirement

IT and risk analysis are tools for CFO Act agencies facing June 30 deadline on internal control assurances.