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The War’s Wave

The war in Iraq was the biggest factor in Democrats’ gains in the midterm elections.

Prospective GOP allies slam senator’s call for troop pullout

Goal in the coming months should be to provide better security in Iraq, one critic of phased withdrawal says.

Investigators to launch series of FEMA probes

Auditors at DHS also will look into background checks for building security contractors and efforts to purchase Customs and Border Protection dogs.

Legislators seek longer life for Iraq oversight office

Measures approved by the Senate and introduced in the House would reverse a last-minute termination provision passed before recess.

Researchers try to boil down human capital management

A new report from The George Washington University offers steps, charts and diagnoses for managing government’s people.

GOP leaders aim to finish as many spending bills as possible

Emerging option would be to pass up to three more bills, with each becoming the vehicle for two others.

Groups ask high court to review aviation ID policies

Policy in question requires passengers to present IDs to airline personnel before boarding flights and subjects selected individuals to thorough searches.