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National Guard chief says border deployments on track

There are now 3,600 troops along the border to assist CBP agents, with as many as 6,000 to be deployed by August.

Defense official: Plans for federal crisis response still needed

Pentagon office will seek legislative change to provide Defense with a sustained funding source for having National Guard troops carry out domestic missions.

A Dip in the Pay Pool

A look at how the Defense Department’s new system for setting pay raises will work.

Agencies strive to meet ID card deadline

Plan lacks pieces to integrate systems, details on what shared service centers for issuing cards will look like.

Panelists push fully automated security clearance processing

Delays costly to government as well as industry, Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., says.

Lawmaker proposes panel to study employee appeals backlog

Managers’ groups support idea but unions say commission would be stacked with political appointees.

Protest filed over Army Corps decision to keep IT work in-house

Challenge relates to alleged flaws in the selection process; decision expected in early August.