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More sensitive information goes missing from VA

Medical data for 38,000 people could be on missing desktop computer.

OPM releases telework guidance for pandemic flu

Critic says the plan lacks new ideas for responding to a potential quarantine.

Judge blasts EPA for delays in Clean Air Act implementation

Agency should not have put discretionary activities before congressional mandates, judge says.

Report: Army future combat program may be unaffordable

Program could use up to half of the service’s procurement accounts, leaving little money to buy other weapons and equipment.

Radio-frequency tracking tags pose recycling challenge

EPA officials concerned about potential environmental impact of increased use of radio-frequency identification devices.

TSA review of new passenger screening system due next month

Secure Flight system is expected to replace "no-fly list" currently used by airlines.

The Long Haul: Part Two

The second in a series on long-term care insurance focuses on whether you need to purchase a policy.

Spanish speakers at a premium at border and immigration agencies

Immigration and Customs Enforcement weighs language requirement for employees involved in detention of illegal immigrants.

Senate Democrats derail GOP effort to pass Defense bill

Delay makes it more likely a continuing resolution will be needed to cover the department’s initial fiscal 2007 expenses.

Democrats call for NOAA to focus on troubled oceans

Senators seek more resources to address challenges; problems include loss of coastal wetlands and coral reefs.