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E-Gov at Five Years, Part One: A Pivotal Point

Five years after its launch, the Bush administration’s $1 billion electronic government initiative has shown mixed results.

Treasury seeks another round of bids for telecom contract

The Treasury Department had expected to award contract by now, but instead asks for more “best and final offers.”

Agencies ordered to report on FOIA improvement efforts

OMB directs agencies to include assessments of progress in upgrading Freedom of Information Act processes in annual e-government reports.

FEMA chief wants to meet hiring goals -- and then some

On Katrina’s anniversary, agency still seeks part-time emergency workers on Gulf Coast.

Commerce expands pay-for-performance project

Miami NOAA employees join union expressly to participate in new system.

Louisiana parish creeps toward recovery

Progress has been slowed by bureaucratic procedures that would make more sense in everyday circumstances.

Tax Changes: Part Two

The second in a two-part series on recent changes in tax laws that could affect your retirement plans.

Army Corps takes steps to fix shortcomings exposed by Katrina

Twelve-part plan includes a stronger focus on risk analysis and communication with the public.