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Panel gets qualified assurances on disaster preparedness

Response to Hurricane Ernesto last week showcased FEMA’s capabilities, director says.

Panel examines high-risk technology projects

Publicizing management watch list may distort its purpose, OMB official says.

Life-and-Death Decisions

Even the smallest choices can have huge effects.

Public sector unions gain ground in labor movement

Government workers on track to become majority of union members nationwide.

Security still high on lawmakers’ agenda

Prospects for swift movement on FEMA reform, chemical security measures remain dim.

Reports call for improvements to DHS response plans

FEMA praised for creating reserve of part-time workers, but criticized for failure to fill full-time ranks.

Senate bill encourages electronic health records for feds

Measure would require Federal Employees Health Benefits Program insurance carriers to offer digital records.

TSP sticks with Barclays to run funds

The first-ever simultaneous bidding process ends with the same company at the helm.