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Brett Kavanaugh Would Likely Be Reluctant to Support Federal Regulation of Big Business

President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee has demonstrated an unequivocal skepticism.

The House Committee Tasked With Making Sure U.S. Immigration Police Follow The Law Has Given Up

The House Judiciary Committee hasn't held a DHS oversight hearing in three years.

‘I Believe in NATO’ Says Trump at Summit, Allaying Morning Fears of Pullout

To some surprise, the president gave his strongest backing for NATO yet, minutes after leaving an emergency meeting of alliance leaders to address his threats on spending levels.

Harnessing the Benefits of Physical Transformation for Career Reinvention

I committed to working on my whole person: mind, body, and career. I knew intuitively they were linked, I just wasn’t certain how to connect them.

Play of the Day: John Kelly Is Disappointed In His Breakfast

The NATO summit in Brussels is not turning out the way one member of Donald Trump's staff wanted it to.

HHS Quietly Alters Obamacare-Related Items on Medicaid Website

Transparency group monitoring changes asks why there hasn't been a public explanation.

The U.S. Mint Lost $69 Million Making Pennies Last Year

The cooper and zinc that go into making small coins have gotten more expensive.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, walks to a subway car following a vote on Capitol Hill on July 11.

Senator Predicts Clash with Intel Chief Over Fired Whistleblower Advocate

Sen. Chuck Grassley tells IG audience he’s still pressing for documents on firing of Dan Meyer.

Rep. Bobby Scott, D-Va., introduced an appropriations bill amendment to stop OPM from moving the judges out of the competitive service.

Democrats, Advocacy Groups Pan Order Moving Administrative Judges Out of Competitive Service

Opponents fear an erosion of protections for judges against unfair removals.