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Obama Again Urges Paid Parental Leave for Federal Employees

The president's fiscal 2017 budget reiterates support for six weeks of paid administrative leave for feds after the birth, adoption or foster placement of a child.

OPM Seeks To Honor (and Reward) Top-Performing Executives

But agencies warned to consider the government’s fiscal situation in determining how many names to put forward for Presidential Rank Awards.

Agency Websites Found to Be More Jargon-Filled Today Than 5 Years Ago

Geological Survey and Mint score best for plain writing in study from Web content analysis firm.

Trump and Sanders Are Doing Well Because They Tap Into the Same Anxious Feelings

They both foment outrage at trade policies that have hurt America’s middle class.

Jimmy Carter during his presidency.

Zero-Based Budgeting: Everything Old is New Again

The budgeting method seems to be back in vogue 39 years after Jimmy Carter introduced it to the federal government.

Win or Lose, Ryan Will Bear Budget Burden

The speaker who made his name writing aggressive spending blueprints now risks not passing one.

Play of the Day: Chris Christie Knows Marco Rubio is Caught in a Loop

Is the Floridian repeating a specific talking point or just sponsored by Vine?

How to Get Your Team to Open Up to You

Many leaders tout their open door policy, but their actions say otherwise.

Agencies Are Increasingly Reliant on Industry for Innovation

Report chronicles the need for better collaboration between government and the private sector.

Agencies in Washington Open With Unscheduled Leave, Telework

Mix of rain and snow was expected to move through the region during the day.