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The Middle Ages Demonstrate Why Women Leaders Make Peace — and War

Medieval rulers employed multiple styles of leadership—defying the simple binaries of contemporary stereotypes.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders makes a campaign stop in Portsmouth, N.H.

Bernie Sanders' Problem With Democrats

Will the Democratic Party nominate a candidate who hasn't been a member of their party, and who has long denounced it?

Three Lanes to the Finish of the 2016 GOP Race

Trump attracts blue-collar support, and Cruz pulls in evangelicals, but can any one candidate lock down college-educated, non-evangelical voters?

The Coming Fight Between the F-35 and the New Bomber

A battle is brewing between the two multibillion-dollar aircraft programs — and the defense companies, lobbyists, and Pentagon offices that back them.

Play of the Day: That Awkward Debate Entrance

Ben Carson couldn't quite get on stage Saturday night.

Agencies Can Seed Future Success With Creative Investment

Successful R&D efforts require a community approach.


Cuba Diary: Inside the American Diplomatic Effort

A visit with Jeffrey DeLaurentis, who is leading the hard work of restoring U.S.-Cuba relations.

Sen. David Vitter, R-La.

Senator May Try to Block OPM Nominee’s Confirmation Path

Louisiana Republican revives long-standing complaint about ruling on Hill staff under Obamacare.

Why Bernie Sanders Can't Govern

Hillary Clinton’s realistic attitude is the only thing that can effect change in today’s political climate.