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John Abowd, the Census Bureau's chief scientist, has been drawn into the controversy over adding a citizenship question to the 2020 Census.

The Exhausting Ordeal of the Census Bureau’s Top Scientist

Litigation over adding a citizenship question gave voice to data expert John Abowd.

Trump Administration Seeks to Dismiss Shutdown Lawsuit

Justice Department attorneys argued in a recent court filing that a complaint over the legality of forcing employees to work without pay is moot.

IRS Makes Progress With Hiring, Training to Implement New Tax Law

Agency had to update 202 tax products and change 128 information technology systems.

USPS Cuts 10K Positions After Five Years of Job Growth

Reductions come as Postal Service pays down its debts for first time in eight years.

Government Workforce Management—Overdue for an Overhaul

Agencies are handicapped by outdated management rules—it isn’t a worker problem, it’s a system problem.

Analysis: Be Grateful for the Mueller Report

The president of the United States is not a traitor. That’s a good thing.

Why HUD Wants to Restrict Assistance for Immigrants

A proposal by Ben Carson’s agency would eject immigrant families from public housing to make way for the "most vulnerable." Housing advocates aren't buying it.

Play of the Day: More From the Special Counsel's Report

Sometimes, the president's staff is like a baby with snake-killing skills: Reassuring, yes, but also terrifying.

Find Greater Success By Embracing ‘Soft’ Deadlines

Project managers ought to embrace uncertainty, say researchers.

Criminal Referrals for Leaks of Sensitive Government Information Have Surged

The number of criminal prosecutions for leakers only scratches the surface of those who disclose government secrets, however.