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Don’t Let Cybercriminals Hide From the FBI

If a computer search would qualify for a warrant if its whereabouts were known, why should simply hiding its location make it legally unsearchable?

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah prepares for a meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee in April.

If the Government Made People Do Good, Would that Be Bad?

Senator Mike Lee fears enrolling women in the Selective Service is a dangerous precedent that may lead to mandatory service for things like national security and the public good.

He's lovin' it.

Play of the Day: Trump Has a Big Mac in the Sky

The 2016 GOP nominee celebrates clinching with a hamburger on his jet.

Clinton addresses supporters in Pittsburgh in April.

Trump and Clinton Want to Bring Back Millions of Outsourced Jobs – Here's Why They Can't

Instead of trying to bring back the old economy jobs that have been lost, the U.S. should focus on training Americans in new skills.

The Real Scandal of Hillary Clinton's Emails

It’s not what she wrote—it’s her tendency to wall herself off from alternative points of view.

Jean-Léon Gérôme's "Socrate venant chercher Alcibiade chez Aspasie"

The Trump Comparison You Have Not Heard Yet

A classics professor writes that Trump’s raucous campaign style is nothing new. He introduces us to a chariot-racing statesman from ancient Athens who may have given Trump a run for his money.

A Zika virus researcher at the NIAID Vaccine Research Center pipets samples in April.

Was a Senator’s Report on Waste in Federal Science Grants More Wasteful Than the Research Itself?

Scientists and agency officials say Hill report does not present a full and accurate picture of their projects and the merits of their work.

Take It From a Marine: Leaders Ask For Help

My mission was clear. It was up to me to figure out how to do it.

Two soldiers from the Syrian army carry a rocket to fire at Islamic State group positions in the province of Raqqa, Syria in February.

Reversing Course on U.S. Soldiers Wearing Kurdish Rebel Insignia

On Thursday, the Defense Department said that in order to blend in, special-operation forces often don the insignia of forces they accompany. On Friday, after Turkey complained, a spokesman called the action “unauthorized and inappropriate.”

Obama lays wreaths at the cenotaph at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park Friday.

Critics of Obama’s Hiroshima Visit Have Called Him Everything From an Apologist to a 'Lunatic'

North Korea's news agency described the US president as a "nuclear war lunatic."