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USPS Has Not Saved as Much as It Expected From Cutting Post Office Hours

The Postal Service has used faulty data and isn’t factoring in its revenue losses, auditor says.

Maria Contreras-Sweet leads the Small Business Administration.

Group Sues SBA, Says Government ‘Defrauded Small Businesses’

American Small Business League argues that the Small Business Administration follows "illegal policies" when calculating contract awards.

What If...?

Readers weigh in on the potential of needing long-term care, and the insurance to cover it.

Want to Be A White House Leadership Development Fellow?

Agencies need to nominate their top career leaders for the program by June 6.

More than 115 paratroopers assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division, return home from a nine-month deployment

Army Captain Sues Obama Administration Over the War Against ISIS

Nathan Smith argues the president has violated the War Powers Resolution.

After ISIS, Americans Fear Cyberattacks Most

Nearly three in four people consider them a major threat to the U.S.

Justice IG Michael Horowitz said, "We appreciate Congress' support for IG access to all agency records and the legislation that resulted in the Justice Department's most recent decision."

Inspectors General Win a Round in Fight Over Access

Justice Department re-issues legal interpretation, promises new directive.

You Can Help the National Park Service Study Coyote Poop in L.A.

Scientists want to know what the animals are eating while surrounded by lots of concrete, cars, and people.

The Key to Happiness at Work Is Not Money -- It's Autonomy

Workers who get to call their own shots are more satisfied with their jobs, more engaged and less likely to leave.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., requested the review.

Key Senator Asks GAO to Look Into Office of Special Counsel

Johnson seeks clarity on metrics for success, procedures for handling internal complaints.