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U.S. Border Patrol agents conduct intake of illegal border crossers at the Central Processing Center in McAllen, Texas.

In 2020, We’ll Have Digitized Immigration. Until Then, We Have JAG Lawyers

An effort to shrink the case backlog hobbling the immigration system is just getting started.

Jennifer Chevarria, from Nicaragua, opens her arms for son, Jayden, 2, at the Catholic Charities RGV Thursday, June 21, 2018, in McAllen, Texas. The family was processed and released by CBP Tuesday and are waiting to travel to relatives in California .

Some Of The 2,300 Separated Children Are Filed Under The Wrong Name

Detained parents have been left helpless, with no way to track their children's location.

A Gray Day Outside OPM: Employees React to Agency's Diminished Role Under Reorganization Plan

Administration suggests transferring functions such as administering the federal employee health insurance program to other agencies.

Office of Personnel Management headquarters.

Proposed OPM Reorganization Draws Widespread Criticism

Dismantling most of the federal government’s HR agency "makes absolutely no sense whatsoever," says a former architect of the plan.

Senate Intervenes on Behalf of IG After VA Questions the Watchdog's Authority

Senate votes 96-0 in favor of inspector general after VA's acting secretary told IG to pipe down.

How Small Acts of Kindness Show Courage—And Leadership

Moments to exercise valor come every day, often several times a day.

EPA’s Criminal Enforcement Numbers Are Dropping Under Pruitt

Advocacy group compares staff sizes against administrator’s personal security.  

Chemist Kristen Kulinowski is the interim leader of the board.

Vacancy-Plagued Chemical Safety Board Gets Interim Chair

Citing family duties, Sutherland departs as staff of 40 shrinks to 32.

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross straightens his papers during a Senate Finance Committee hearing on tariffs on Wednesday.

Analysis: Corruption in the Trump Administration Is Spreading

While petty scandals like Scott Pruitt’s grab attention, there are more egregious and profitable conflicts of interest elsewhere in Washington.

How Some Immigrant Families Are Avoiding Separation

Space constraints are preventing the government from keeping everyone who crosses the border in detention, allowing some to make it out of McAllen, Texas.