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Cummings’ Leadership on Federal Employee Issues, Bipartisanship Could Be Hard to Replicate

The impeachment inquiry against President Trump is likely to dominate the next Oversight and Reform Committee chair’s agenda, observers say.

Supreme Court Will Consider Whether Consumer Bureau’s Structure Is Constitutional

California-based law firm is arguing the bureau’s director has been given too much authority, violating the separation of powers.  

U.S. Marines Try Using Drones to Bring Blood to Battle

The light unmanned aircraft made hundreds of supply drops during recent Australian live-fire wargames.

A Checklist and Process to Create Daily Success at Work

It’s one way to avoid losing yourself in your organization’s maelstrom.

Play of the Day: More on Mulvaney's Press Conference

The White House official is walking back some things he said last week.

With Employees Facing Attacks and Murder Attempts, Land Agencies Say They’re Ill-Equipped to Enhance Security

Safety at land management agencies is hampered by law enforcement staffing decreases and border deployments, auditors find.

Merit Board Suggests Ways Agencies Can Hire 'Better,' Not Just 'Faster and Cheaper'

The Merit Systems Protections Board is lending its support to the Office of Personnel Management's hiring reform efforts.

Special Counsel Temporarily Suspends Knowing Hatch Act Violators Without Pay

The two Defense Logistics Agency employees were aware of the law limiting political activity and in one case had received extensive training.

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Viewpoint: Trump’s Government Lawyers Don’t Know Who Their Real Client Is

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When Performance Goals Backfire

Ambitious goals can be motivational, but they also can incentivize unethical behavior.

Play of the Day: Lie Detectors at the White House

According to reports, President Donald Trump wants to try a new method to uncover leaks.

A Hitch at NASA Headquarters

NASA has carried out its first all-female spacewalk, but hints of outdated thinking about women in space remain.

Supreme Court to Examine Burden of Proof for Age Discrimination Lawsuits at Federal Agencies

If the high court finds in favor of a Veterans Affairs pharmacist, older federal employees could have an easier time making the case for discrimination.