Google's 8 Simple Rules for Being a Better Manager

By Mark Micheli

January 25, 2013

In early 2009, Google's HR team began a project code-named Project Oxygen. Their mission, reported the New York Times, was to build better bosses. After combing through performance reviews, feedback surveys and other data-rich metrics, they distilled the essence of what makes a good manager down to eight jaw-droppingly simple rules. Odds are you've heard all of these--but when was the last time you practiced them all in concert? 

Below, a comprehensive list of what Google sees as the ingredients of highly effective managers:

Eight Good Behaviors

1. Be a good coach

2. Empower your team and don’t micromanage

3. Express interest in team members’ success and personal well-being

4. Don’t be a sissy: Be productive and results-oriented

5. Be a good communicator and listen to your team

6. Help your employees with career development

7. Have a clear vision and strategy for the team

8. Have key technical skills so you can help advise the team

Three bad behaviors

1. Have trouble making a transition to the team

2. Lack a consistent approach to performance management and career development

3. Spend too little time managing and communicating

[via The New York Times]

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By Mark Micheli

January 25, 2013