Month in Review: November's Top Stories

By Mark Micheli

November 30, 2012

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At the end of each month, we like to take a look back at the month that was. Take a deep breath, reflect on the things we cared about (however briefly) and prep for the month ahead. What were the most popular stories on Excellence in Government this month?

A lot happened in November. From elections and transition to memes and Thanksgiving, we covered a lot of ground. Below are the ten most popular stories on Excellence in Government this past month.

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1) Survive Holiday Party Small Talk with the FORD Technique

2) Puerto Rico Votes to Become 51st State

3) Photo: Obama is Not Impressed

4) 3 Reasons to Turn Your Phone's Push Email Off Right Now

5) ‘Bronco Bamma’ and Mitt Romney Make Little Girl Cry, NPR Apologizes

6) How to Stay Out of the Weeds with Your Boss

7) Election Day is Tomorrow: What You Need to Know

8) How Not to Start a Second Term: The Case of Richard Nixon

9) As Campaign Fades Away, Secret Service and Facebook Abandon Romney

10) Exercising Leadership: A Re-elected Obama’s Mental & Emotional Fitness

By Mark Micheli

November 30, 2012