‘Bronco Bamma’ and Mitt Romney Make Little Girl Cry, NPR Apologizes

By Mark Micheli

November 1, 2012

Those jerks. Now look what they’ve done…

While driving to the grocery store with her mother, a little girl from Colorado broke down in tears after hearing yet another story about the 2012 election. After an NPR story came on the radio, 4-year-old Abigael Evans tearfully told her mother that she was tired of hearing about “Bronco Bamma” and Mitt Romney.

Watch the video:

Hearing that an NPR story was the cause of her tears, the network offered an apology on their blog:

On behalf of NPR and all other news outlets, we apologize to Abigael and all the many others who probably feel like her. We must confess, the campaign's gone on long enough for us, too. Let's just keep telling ourselves: "Only a few more days, only a few more days, only a few more days."

Kudos to Abigael for expressing, in the purest way possible, what we’re all feeling. Only five days to go…

How are you and your family dealing with election fatigue?

Update: She's less sad now according to a photo her mother sent an NPR correspondent.

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By Mark Micheli

November 1, 2012