Do Your Programs Still Fit?

From President Ronald Reagan’s Grace Commission to President Bill Clinton’s National Performance Review to various presidents’ management agendas, administrations for decades have been trying to reform government programs. Add to those endeavors the efforts of multiple congressional oversight ... Read & React

Are People Who Don't Use Facebook More Productive?

by Sarah Kessler

Quitting Facebook (or at least, wanting to quit Facebook) is all the rage these days. We asked a panel of experts in networking, productivity, and workplace communication what you could give up, or gain, when you do. Dr. Ben Waber, CEO and co-founder of Humanyze, a people analytics company that ... Read & React

Let’s Talk About Some Bad Ideas for Civil Service Reform

by Debra D'Agostino

While the Trump administration touts salary freezes and reduced retirement benefits for federal workers (to attract new talent?), at last week’s Merit Systems Protection Board Summit, MSPB Vice Chairman Mark Robbins discussed some other proposed civil service reforms. Spoiler alert: They won’t ... Read & React

How a Simple Mantra Can Improve Your Leadership

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

One of the things I love about leading our Next Level Leadership® group coaching program is hearing leaders’ stories about how they’re following through on their most important development opportunities. As I’ve written here before, when they’re mapping out how to follow through, I always ... Read & React

A New Theory Linking Sleep and Creativity

by Ed Yong

In 1920, the night before Easter Sunday, Otto Loewi woke up, seemingly possessed of an important idea. He wrote it down on a piece of paper and promptly returned to sleep. When he reawakened, he found that his scribbles were illegible. But fortunately, the next night, the idea returned. It was ... Read & React

If It Takes More Than a Month To Hire Someone, You've Already Lost Your Top Pick

The best hiring managers spend time searching for ideal candidates, going through rigorous interview processes. But if the journey takes longer than a month, it’s highly likely that they’ll lose out on top candidates, according to independent research conducted by 3Gem, commissioned by ... Read & React

This 5-Minute Thought Exercise Will Help You Define Your Purpose

Over the course of a lifetime, we spend an average of 92,000 hours at work. A growing body of research suggests that it’s better for both us and our employers if we’re working on something that fulfills us. There’s evidence that purpose-driven companies outperform the market, and studies show ... Read & React

To Bring Out The Best In Your Next Meeting, Serve Coffee

Serving coffee at a meeting can focus group discussion, boost involvement, and leave members feeling better about their own and others’ participation, according to new research. Decades of coffee research have explored its effects on the individual, but this study is the first on the effects on ... Read & React

Good Managers Understand the Concept of Psychological Safety

Greg, a manager in a large company asked for his employees to be open with him. That didn’t go over well since he regularly dressed down those who came to him with bad news or mistakes they’d made. He was particularly adept at cutting these employees off mid-explanation and going off on them. ... Read & React

From Charles Darwin to Arianna Huffington, Influential Thinkers Have Long Obsessed Over Sleep

by Ephrat Livni

Reaching for the sun and success all day is tiring work, and everyone must occasionally give it a rest, whether insect, animal, plant, or human. Evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin in 1880 wrote The Power of Movement in Plants, noting that the Colocasia antiquorum, or elephant ear, dozes in ... Read & React