Why Proactive Leadership Is Important

Imagine you’re speeding along on a highway. Suddenly, the traffic ahead of you slows, forcing you to hit the breaks. Eventually you arrive at the source of the bottleneck: a mattress lying in the right lane. One by one, your fellow motorists simply crept around it. No one stopped to move it off ... Read & React

Moving Beyond ‘Boxology’

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

Skeptics call the President’s proposals to reorganize government “boxology,” since they see them as merely shuffling around organizational boxes without actually fixing anything. Even a respected public management observer such as Donald Moynihan questions the Trump administration’s commitment: ... Read & React

How Strong is Your Leadership Pyramid?

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

Research shows that moving to the executive level is among the toughest transitions of any career. For example, a study conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership shows that 40 percent of new executives fail within 18 months of being named to their positions. What’s going on here? Is it a ... Read & React

How Government Can Best Address Cyber Risks

Agencies increasingly rely on social media, the Internet of Things, mobile and cloud computing to execute their missions. While those technologies have empowered employees and improved the efficiency and delivery of government services, they also have exposed agencies to greater data security ... Read & React

'Urgency Bias' Is Killing Your Productivity

by Lila MacLellan

We often deceive ourselves into believing that getting X done now will give us the freedom for Y later, when in reality we let too many other tasks flood in. Quick as it may seem we can knock them off our to-do list, these minor chores sneakily steal our attention. If they feel urgent, we’re ... Read & React

Why ‘Fake News’ Matters to Feds

Then White House spokesman Sean Spicer described President Trump's inaugural crowds using what an administration official described as "alternative facts" in January 2017.
by Donald F. Kettl Professor, University of Maryland School of Public Policy

President Trump views the news media as “the real enemy of the people.” This sustained campaign has deepened the wedges between those in the president’s base and those who are not. But it also matters to feds. A lot. When wading into the debate over just how many people attended the 2017 ... Read & React

Author Lauren Groff Had a Perfect Reply To a Question About Balancing Work And Children

by Jenni Avins

Lauren Groff is the author of two short story collections and three novels, including the Obama favorite Fates and Furies. She is also a mother of two children. In a recent interview by the Harvard Gazette, Groff was asked how she negotiates the coexistence of these facts: “Can you talk about ... Read & React

‘Is That Legal?’

by Meroe Park and Nyla Beth Gawel

Federal leaders across the government want to improve their programs and the delivery of services, but often feel stymied by organizational silos or budgetary constraints. In every corner of the government, however, they are finding ways to overcome these challenges and become catalysts for ... Read & React

Being Indispensable Will Make You Miserable — Here’s a Better Goal

by Eric Johnson CEO, Nintex

You have been there before: Pushing off after-work plans with friends or at the gym because workday just never slowed. Or procrastinating on planning that Europe trip you’ve been saving for because your team is still short-staffed and will be until further notice. Maybe your manager has ... Read & React

How to Keep Your High Performers Happy

Based on the research and insights of Jeff Hyman , Carter Cast, Dylan Minor and Brenda Ellington Booth. Everyone wants to fill their organization with top performers. But superstars are in high demand, so you need a clear strategy to recruit and retain them. At the same time, don’t ignore the ... Read & React