A Fake Warren Buffett Twitter Account Is Spewing Life Advice — And It’s Amazing

by Leah Fessler

Yesterday, a tweet from Warren Buffett caught my eye. “Advice for all the young people,” it read, followed by a 10-point list of directives: Strange that Buffett, age 87, wrote his advice in all lower-caps. how millennial of him, i thought. Strange that Buffett—who is the third-richest man in ... Read & React

A Plan For Fiscal Reform

Without fiscal reform, our demise may be certain. While I am not an economist (my expertise lies in organizational effectiveness), I know many factors contribute to government effectiveness. Adequate financial resources is one of them. Right now, we are spending our inheritance before grandad ... Read & React

You Can’t Legislate Accountability

The Merit Systems Protection Board recently looked at the results of the 1978 Civil Service Reform Act and its impact on dealing with poor performers. As Government Executive recently reported, MSPB attributed long-cited difficulties with firing poor performers to managers, rather than the law ... Read & React

Moneyball, Nerd Sniping, And Other Unorthodox Recruitment Hacks

by Hamlet Batista

If you asked 10 executives about the importance of talent acquisition for their organizations, more than eight of them would say it’s important—if not very important. At the same time, almost half of employers would admit that they can’t find the skills they need, with the global talent shortage ... Read & React

The To-Do List Method For People With Crazy Lives And Short Attention Spans

by Lila MacLellan

Productivity science is generally unkind to standard to-do lists. We’re told that they feed the impulses of our faulty brains in all the wrong ways. They call our attention to tasks that are easy to quantify and thus easy to “complete.” They can allow small chores to feel more pressing and ... Read & React

It’s Dismantlers v. Rebuilders on the Government Reform Front

Donald J. Trump accelerated toward his electoral victory two years ago with the support of conservatives who favored a combination of major reform in how government works and a smaller government delivering fewer services. These dismantlers, as I call them, dominated the campaign discourse with ... Read & React

Americans Distrusted U.S. Democracy Long Before Trump’s Russia Problem

Two demonstrators, one, left, wearing a President Nixon mask and the other wearing a Secretary of State Henry Kissinger mask and giving a Nazi salute, are escorted by police from in front of the Supreme Court building in Washington, July 24, 1974.
by Ian Anson Assistant Professor of Political Science, UMBC

White House special counsel Robert Mueller recently issued 12 indictments alleging that Russian intelligence agents sought to tilt the vote in Donald Trump’s favor by hacking prominent Democrats during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. The Trump-Russia investigation has exposed flaws in the ... Read & React

Are Tattooed Job Applicants Less Likely To Be Hired? Two New Studies Disagree

by Lila MacLellan

Only a couple of decades ago, having a tattoo that couldn’t be hidden behind respectable job interview clothes was a pledge of allegiance to the unconventional. Merely appreciating the look of tattoos or wanting to pay homage to a person, subculture, or concept (like “freedom”) was not enough to ... Read & React

There Are Three Types Of Failure, But Only One You Should Actually Feel Bad About

by Leah Fessler

Failing sucks. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time bombing a presentation, messing up a calculation, or bumbling through an interview, the sting of rejection never quite wears off. And while Silicon Valley gurus preach the importance of “failing fast” (failure, supposedly, being the key to ... Read & React

Psychologists Have Surprising Advice For People Who Feel Unmotivated

by Leah Fessler

Per traditional self-help narratives, if you can’t accomplish your goal, you should ask for advice. Find someone who has successfully landed the job, gotten the promotion, made the grades, achieved the weight loss, or created the financial stability that you want. Tell this person you’re ... Read & React