From Charles Darwin to Arianna Huffington, Influential Thinkers Have Long Obsessed Over Sleep

by Ephrat Livni

Reaching for the sun and success all day is tiring work, and everyone must occasionally give it a rest, whether insect, animal, plant, or human. Evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin in 1880 wrote The Power of Movement in Plants, noting that the Colocasia antiquorum, or elephant ear, dozes in ... Read & React

Lead Differently

A great deal of energy goes into reconstituting the same 10 core ideas around effective leadership the way a frugal home cook reconstitutes leftovers. At last count, my budget-stretching mother could make at least five dishes out of leftover turkey. The names of the dishes changed, but the taste ... Read & React

How to Make Your Open Office Less Annoying

by Olga Khazan

You know you’re in an open-plan office when you click on an article that will allow you to hate-read about open offices, then kind of hide your computer screen with the top half of your torso so that your colleagues don’t realize just how much you’re not a team player. You know you’re in an open ... Read & React

5 Tips for Attracting Young People to Government Careers

Getting a government job has frequently been referred to as an exercise in persistence. With lengthy time-to-hire stats and a security clearance process averaging between 200 and 500 days, entry-level professionals have long known if you need a job fast,  you’re probably not going to work for ... Read & React

Carrying On Amid Chaos: Public Servants Deserve Our Thanks

by Robert Shea Principal, Grant Thornton Public Sector

If all you read was the front page of one of the major daily newspapers—or the Drudge Report or The Huffington Post—you’d think government was paralyzed as a result of crisis and scandal. Sluggish appointments and roiling controversies don’t help government operate smoothly, that’s for sure. But ... Read & React

What To Do When An Employee Reports Sexual Harassment

We know from the 2016 EEOC report on harassment in the workplace and other studies that between 25 percent and 85 percent of women, and between 11 percent and 16 percent of men, say that they have experienced sexual harassment. That means that, if you’re a manager, it’s very likely that you’ll ... Read & React

Connecting Citizens with Government in the Classroom

by Mika Nash

As the dean of a college that is fortunate to enroll nearly half of its online adult students from the ranks of public service professionals, I’d like to highlight the gift federal employees bring to any college fortunate enough to have them as students. This is Public Service Recognition Week, ... Read & React

Four Models for a Modern Leader

Taylorism began with the question, “How many tons of pig iron bars can a worker load onto a railcar in one working day?” The “scientific management” practice involved managers closely controlling workers in aim of maximizing productivity, and laborers were reduced to mere cogs in the machine.  ... Read & React

Why Society Needs More Troublemakers

by Ephrat Livni

It’s sweet to be agreeable—but what a vibrant, healthy society really needs is principled troublemakers. Those who dare to say “no” when it appears that everyone else is in agreement are rare and brave—and they make the world a better place, according to University of California, Berkeley ... Read & React

Addressing Grand Challenges in Public Administration

by Terry Gerton

Public Service Recognition Week provides an opportunity to highlight the incredible contributions of ordinary individuals accomplishing extraordinary things on behalf of their fellow citizens. We at the National Academy of Public Administration are proud to highlight the accomplishments of our ... Read & React