The One Thing That Will Always Get in the Way of Success

In his book The Happiness Industry, political economist Williams Davies writes that CEOs have now become “psychologists-in-chiefs,”managing the well-being of employees as much as business operations. The term “psychologist-in-chief” may have been tongue-in-cheek, but the pace of innovation depends ... Read & React

The Small Tweaks That ​Turn​ an OK Life Into a Great One

by Cassie Werber

For those lucky enough to live in peaceful, plentiful societies, life should be great. But because we’re all human, and everything—every hardship, annoyance, and problem—is relative, we often go through days beset by feelings of sadness, worry, and stress. We each have our own ways of bringing joy ... Read & React

Americans Don't Trust Anything

It’s been almost 20 years since David Bowie told us of he was afraid of Americans. Americans have used that time to grow increasingly afraid of their government, each other, and the rest of the world. By virtually every measure Americans have become less trusting, a situation which threatens to ... Read & React

Effective Governance Begins With an Effective Transition

In a previous column, we outlined recommendations for how the next administration can get a fast start with sure footing. From strengthening the President’s Management Council, to setting up a triage system for regulatory review, we identified actions that can help jump-start the next ... Read & React

The Reasons Millennials Are Not Happy at Work

Young people today are hard on themselves. They have unrealistic expectations and are constantly comparing themselves to their peers on social media. Needless to say, they’re not very happy at work. Despite their role in changing the very nature of work itself, millennials are operating within an ... Read & React

The Most Inspiring Parts of Obama's 22 Graduation Speeches

It’s its own tradition. Come spring every year, the sitting US president picks a handful of colleges and high schools to visit, dispensing wisdom and advice at their commencement ceremonies. Barack Obama has followed the trend faithfully in 2016. He spoke at Howard University last weekend, is ... Read & React

Good Managers Watch the Actors, Not Just the Action

In 30 years of marriage, my wife and I have disagreed on only a few issues of consequence. One of those is our taste in movies. (Hey, movies are consequential!) I am addicted to character study and she loves action movies. Because marriage is built on compromise, we do just that. I let her pick and ... Read & React

The Question That Should Guide All Government Leaders

What keeps you up at night? If you are a public executive, there must be something—undoubtedly many things. Some of these sleep-depriving problems are minor annoyances, the daily irritations that can make life unpleasant. Executive insomnia, however, is a more debilitating disease. Its cause can be ... Read & React

How to Build a More Productive Life Every Day

by Quora

This question originally appeared on Quora: What daily habits can someone adopt to lead a more productive life? Answer by Charles Duhigg, staff writer at The New York Times, and author of “Smarter Faster Better“on Quora. People will offer you lots of advice: you should sleep more, or you should ... Read & React

Researchers Have Isolated a Key to Happiness and Iceland is Helping Them Test It

by Cassie Werber

Reykjavik -- Michael Porter, a Harvard economist who made his name working on ideas around competition, has come to the capital of Iceland to talk about social process and how to measure it. Here at a conference on the topic, he reminds the audience that economic indicators—while we’re very used to ... Read & React