The Most Career-Minded Generation

According to admissions departments’ informational pamphlets, the primary reason for attending college is rather noble: Campus is a place to discover one’s interests and strengths, a place for both personal and intellectual development. But in recent years, another narrative has taken hold—that ... Read & React

Government’s Catch-22 People Problem

by Howard Risher Workforce Management Consultant

The skills gap is not new. Moreover, recent stories about staffing problems at Customs and Border Protection and the Bureau of Prisons show the issue is not limited to a short list of high risk mission-critical occupations. The latest example is the Secret Service. Central to the problem across the ... Read & React

How a Marine Confronts Fear, and Overcomes It

A Marine enrolled in Officer Candidate School low-crawls under a barbed wire obstacle on the Montford Point Challenge obstacle course at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va.
by Raphael Hernandez

Fear took ahold the second I laid eyes on what they called the “confidence course.” There wasn’t anything to be confident about, as I listened to how we would maneuver our bodies across a couple of acres of what appeared to be instruments of the Middle Ages.   I was afraid and thought to ... Read & React

Why Aren't Intelligent People Happier?

by Joe Pinsker

There are three things, once one’s basic needs are satisfied, that academic literature points to as the ingredients for happiness: having meaningful social relationships, being good at whatever it is one spends one’s days doing, and having the freedom to make life decisions independently. But ... Read & React

How to Make Smart, Timely Decisions

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, the President-elect and his or her transition team will face an unrelenting barrage of decisions. For the duration of their time in office, the president and members of the administration will seek to make smart and timely decisions that advance the administration’s agenda and ... Read & React

A Study Suggests Mindfulness Is Not Quite As Miraculous As We’ve Been Led To Believe

Mindfulness is having a moment. The practice, which involves consciously focusing on and recognizing your thoughts and emotions, has been found to reduce stress, improve grades, increase compassion, aid weight loss, and bolster resilience. Above all, mindfulness is considered a strong option ... Read & React

The Pentagon Is Dodging the Real Issue on Innovation

Silicon Valley at sunset.
by Stan Soloway President/CEO, Celero Strategies, LLC

The Defense Department is asking Congress for special authority to buy products and services from “innovative” businesses that have done little or no business with the government. If that sounds familiar, it should; the President's 2017 budget request contains a very similar proposal. Like that ... Read & React

How to Call Out a Jerk at Work

by Dannielle Blumenthal Federal communicator and co-founder, All Things Brand

I once asked my boss how he dealt so well with difficult people. "I just think to myself, no matter how they scowl at me, I should not take it personally. Most likely they are having a very bad day." To which I responded, "But when is it enough?" "What do you mean?" he responded. "When is it ... Read & React

The Science of Job Interviews

by Diana Kwon

After weeks of trolling the internet for job postings and dashing off cover letters, you’ve finally had a stroke of luck. There’s only one thing standing between you and your dream job: The interview. This kind of high-stakes situation is guaranteed to get pulses racing. We all want to know what ... Read & React

When to Switch Jobs to Get the Biggest Salary Increase

by Oliver Staley

For job hoppers, knowing when to move on is a fraught question. Leaving too soon may appear flighty; staying too long can lead to calcification. ADP, the payroll processing company, analyzed salary information for 24 million private-sector workers, including those who switched employers, in the ... Read & React