Men Have Trouble Speaking Up At Work, Too

by Lila MacLellan

Women are often told to develop a muscle for speaking up at work, especially to express dissent. It’s not comfortable when you’ve been socialized to be pleasant and agreeable your whole life, but do it anyway, we’re told. That may be solid advice, but women are not the only group that need to ... Read & React

Adopt The Daily Routines Of These 15 Successful People, And You’ll Crush It

by Simone Stolzoff

I, like Mark Wahlberg, wake up every morning at 2:30 AM. I start my day with 30 incantations of a personalized mantra given to me by a Nepalese shaman before completing my seven-minute abs in exactly six minutes and twenty-five seconds. But after Mark’s daily routine went viral last month, I ... Read & React

The Hidden Costs of Decades of Declining Civics Education

Liv Gjestvang, right, has her kids Solveig Applegate, left, and Karsten Applegate help with voting in Ohio in 2016.
by Alia Wong

It’s widely known that young adults in the United States tend to vote at lower rates than older Americans, but it’s easy to gloss over just how stunning the numbers really are—especially at a time of such intense political polarization and divisiveness. Only half of eligible adults between the ... Read & React

Why Diversity Is Vital For a Healthy Democracy

by Bert Gambini

Democracy demands a robust contest of ideas to thrive, and diversity is the best way of protecting the democratic foundation of the American experiment, a new paper argues. Diversity inspires new thoughts and ideas while discouraging stagnation and increasing the possibilities of finding better ... Read & React

The Urgency of Strengthening and Redefining HR

by Howard Risher Workforce Management Consultant

The new report from the National Academy of Public Administration, “No Time To Wait, Part 2: Building a Public Service for the 21st Century,” reinforces the importance of rebuilding the federal workforce, the theme of my recent column, “The Skills Shortage and Federal Compensation.” The problem, ... Read & React

Humans Can’t Control Anything—Except Our Own Happiness

A statue of the emperor Marcus Aurelius sits at the Capitoline Hill in Rome.
by John Sellars Lecturer in Philosophy, Royal Holloway

What have the Romans ever done for us? Well, obviously the roads – the roads go without saying. How about guidance for how to live in the 21st century? That seems less likely, but in fact the last few years have seen a flurry of interest in the work of three Roman Stoic philosophers who offered ... Read & React

Understanding Blockchain’s Promise for Government

Last week, Congress took a significant step forward in the technology space in the form of a resolution about the promise of blockchain. The resolution, authored by Rep. David Schweikert, R-Ariz., on behalf of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, noted that “blockchain has incredible potential ... Read & React

The Next Phase in the Improper Payments Battle: Prevention

by Dave Mader and Monte Zaben

Of the roughly $4 trillion spent by the government in fiscal 2017, an estimated $141 billion was spent improperly, meaning it was paid out in the wrong amount or to the wrong recipient or it was not properly justified. Some of that was the result of fraud, some simply paperwork errors.   ... Read & React

Email Distractions Make Bosses Worse Leaders

Keeping up with email traffic places high demands on managers, preventing them from achieving goals and from being good leaders, according to a new study. The researchers believe the work is one of the first studies to examine how distractions from email affect managers, their productivity, and ... Read & React

How Agencies Can Make the Most of Their Data

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

Last year, the Economist wrote that “data is the new oil.” And in government, this perspective is increasingly reflected in its priorities. For example, the Trump administration has made the development and implementation of a federal data strategy a key element in its management reform efforts ... Read & React