What the Country Needs: A Servant Leader

Former Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton greet each other in New Orleans in 2009.
by Stan Soloway President/CEO, Celero Strategies, LLC

The late President George H.W. Bush epitomized what is known as the “servant leader.” Whatever anyone thought of his positions on various issues, one could never question his lifetime of commitment to service. He was not alone in this commitment. Much has been written about Bush 41’s post-White ... Read & React

How Leaders Can Get Customer Experience Results in 2019

by Eric Keller and Kathy Conrad

The administration took promising steps in 2018 to improve the experience of citizens and others receiving government services. In June, the Office of Management and Budget issued thorough guidance requiring agencies with the highest-impact public services to collect, analyze and report insights ... Read & React

How to Build High Performing Teams

The growing role of teamwork in the modern world raises a question: What factors contribute to team performance? A new study investigating the dynamics of teamwork suggests a major factor that predicts performance is connectedness. Several studies have explored this issue, often focusing on ... Read & React

Two Questions to Ask Yourself When Interviewing Job Candidates

by Simone Stolzoff

Scott Belsky, Adobe’s chief product officer, was designing a new feature for his last company, Behance, when his co-founder Matias Corea came to him with a question. Behance was a site where creative professionals could show off their portfolios. The feature Belsky was designing allowed users to ... Read & React

An Introvert's Brief Guide to Networking

by Simone Stolzoff

Karen Wickre has been working in Silicon Valley longer than most Silicon Valley CEOs have been alive. She came to the Bay Area in the mid-1980s to join a nonprofit, but ended up spending the 30 years since serving as the tech industry’s resident communicator. She joined Google, then a 500-person ... Read & React

What the Senate Should Do About Acting Appointees

Matthew G. Whitaker’s appointment as acting attorney general may yet be successfully challenged as a violation of the Constitution’s appointments clause, but is more adroitly framed as a violation of the Senate’s intent in enacting the 1988 Presidential Transitions Effectiveness Act. The ... Read & React

Help Tackle the Grand Challenges of Our Time

by Teresa W. Gerton

The last two decades have marked a period of near-constant change for the United States. As new challenges have arisen and demands on government have increased, however, the public sector has often been in a reactive mode. Government has been stuck in 20th century structures and processes while ... Read & React

What Is The Best Way To Prepare For a Valuable Employee’s Retirement?

I oversee the operations of a local news station. My chief engineer has been running the technical side of our station for more than 15 years. His performance is impeccable, but he’s in his early 60s, and I’m keenly aware that at any moment he might decide to retire and take all his knowledge ... Read & React

Less Social Media May Make You Feel Less Lonely

by Michele Berger

Researchers have discovered a connection between Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram use and decreased well-being. The link between social-media use, depression, and loneliness has been talked about for years, but a causal connection had never been proven. Few prior studies, however, have ... Read & React

Why Vague Feedback is So Destructive and What to Do About It

When feedback is not specific and behavioral, it’s not actionable. Heck, it’s not even comprehensible. Give vague, constructive feedback to a conscientious person and expect them to take an emotional nosedive striving and struggling to figure out what they are doing wrong. Feedback Dissonance ... Read & React