How to Build Better State and Local Partnerships

by Alan Pentz Partner, Corner Alliance

For many federal agencies, working with state and local stakeholders is a must. They simply can’t achieve their mission without state and local collaboration and participation. While building those partnerships is important, it certainly isn’t easy. Given the federal nature of our government, there ... Read & React

Making Innovation Labs Work

Organizations are increasingly embracing innovation labs to leverage new ideas in a practical, actionable way and as a means for moving government forward. The White House recently released its final iteration of the Strategy for American Innovation – a set of policies and initiatives aiming to ... Read & React

Why Does Progress on Women's Wages Seem to Be Stalling?

For decades, women have been—slowly—catching up with men, in terms of how much they earn. But this year, that trajectory seems to have stopped or even reversed. According to an analysis of Americans’ weekly median earnings by TheWall Street Journal, men’s earnings are growing quite a bit faster ... Read & React

Does Pay for Success Work? Define 'Success'

An experiment in performance-based financing for government services, called pay for success, has raised questions about what should count as success after mixed results were announced at two demonstration sites in July and October. The sites — one in Rikers Island, New York, and the other in Salt ... Read & React

Remembering What’s at Stake

by Scott Eblin Executive Coach

Like a lot of people reading this post, I’ve spent a good part of the past weekend trying to process what happened in Paris on Friday night (and Beirut a few days before and the apparent bombing of a Russian airliner over the Sinai a few weeks before that). I know that’s not the kind of opening ... Read & React

Creating a Culture of Accountability

The Commerce Department is facing a major challenge developing a culture of accountability, according to a recent inspector general report. This clearly is a problem throughout government at every level, and also in many parts of the private sector. Simply put, accountability means that everyone is ... Read & React

The Productivity Obsession

by Melissa Gregg

In a hotel room on a recent business trip, nestled next to the telephone on the work desk, a little cardboard sign beckoned: “Help us make your stay more productive.” Not “restful” or “comfortable” but “productive.” In the hotel room as in the office, productivity increasingly stands as the default ... Read & React

On Gender Equality, There Are the Nordic Countries and There’s Everybody Else (Including the U.S.)

Stockholm's city flag is inspired by a mediaeval seal of the city featuring St. Eric.
by Cassie Werber

Is a wife’s primary role to look after her husband? Would you prefer a man or a woman as a boss? A YouGov survey of 24 countries asked a wide range of questions on attitudes to gender. They found that the Nordic nations were the most positive on gender equality when answers were collated and ... Read & React

How to Learn the Two Crucial Qualities Leaders Need to Build Trust

by Jenny Anderson

It seems obvious that leaders should be nice and know what they are doing. But people still study these things, and their research confirms(pdf) that warmth and competence are the two most important qualities of trustworthy leaders. But building trust is easier said than done. How can you be nice ... Read & React

Crack Open the Black Box to Fix Hiring

Many human capital officials are worried these days about how to ensure that government continues to attract, train and retain the superior workforce it needs to fulfill all aspects of its mission. Younger workers are a particular concern as agencies strive to remain employers of choice for the ... Read & React