'Urgency Bias' Is Killing Your Productivity

We often deceive ourselves into believing that getting X done now will give us the freedom for Y later, when in reality we let too many other tasks flood in. Quick as it may seem we can knock them off our to-do list, these minor chores sneakily steal our attention. If they feel urgent, we’re ... Read & React

Government’s technology problems are as complex and difficult to address as any in the world. Agencies need to be able to hire the best. Howard Risher

Why ‘Fake News’ Matters to Feds

Then White House spokesman Sean Spicer described President Trump's inaugural crowds using what an administration official described as "alternative facts" in January 2017.
by Donald F. Kettl Professor, University of Maryland School of Public Policy

President Trump views the news media as “the real enemy of the people.” This sustained campaign has deepened the wedges between those in the president’s base and those who are not. But it also ... Read & React

Author Lauren Groff Had a Perfect Reply To a Question About Balancing Work And Children

by Jenni Avins

Lauren Groff is the author of two short story collections and three novels, including the Obama favorite Fates and Furies. She is also a mother of two children. In a recent interview by the Harvard Gazette, Groff was asked how she negotiates the coexistence of these facts: “Can you talk about ... Read & React

‘Is That Legal?’

by Meroe Park and Nyla Beth Gawel

Federal leaders across the government want to improve their programs and the delivery of services, but often feel stymied by organizational silos or budgetary constraints. In every corner of the government, however, they are finding ways to overcome these challenges and become catalysts for ... Read & React

Being Indispensable Will Make You Miserable — Here’s a Better Goal

by Eric Johnson CEO, Nintex

You have been there before: Pushing off after-work plans with friends or at the gym because workday just never slowed. Or procrastinating on planning that Europe trip you’ve been saving for because your team is still short-staffed and will be until further notice. Maybe your manager has ... Read & React

How to Keep Your High Performers Happy

Based on the research and insights of Jeff Hyman , Carter Cast, Dylan Minor and Brenda Ellington Booth. Everyone wants to fill their organization with top performers. But superstars are in high demand, so you need a clear strategy to recruit and retain them. At the same time, don’t ignore the ... Read & React

The Decision-Making Style That Helps Leaders Survive Can Also Thwart Their Legacy

When it comes to negotiating, world leaders often fall into two camps. On one side are those open about their decision-making and on the other are leaders who hold their playbook closely to their chest. British prime minister Theresa May sits firmly in the latter camp. May rarely promotes ... Read & React

Will Quitting Social Media Hurt My Career?

This May, I deleted my Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter profiles. In spite of the dopamine rush from “likes” and the ever-accessible validation, I went radio dark, largely because I suspect that social media does, for me, more harm than good. Or at the very least, I am curious if this ... Read & React

A New Study Compared Formal And Informal Communication At Work, And The Results Are No Fun

by Oliver Staley

For decades now, the trend in business is toward informality. We refer to bosses by their first names, casual Friday is also observed Monday through Thursday, and rigid rows of cubicles have been replaced by laptop-using workers sprawling on couches. That drift has taken place in communication ... Read & React

How a New Contracting Tool is Shaking Up Federal Procurement

by Stan Soloway President/CEO, Celero Strategies, LLC

The Government Accountability Office recently upheld a first of its kind protest of a contract awarded under the non-traditional contracting methodology known as other transaction authority. The protest and GAO’s decision have stirred debate over the future of OTAs and their potential to ... Read & React

There Are Two Types Of Respect. Lack One, And You’ll Hate Your Job

by Leah Fessler

Feeling invisible, or like a cog in the machine, is a surefire way to make you hate your job. That’s because as human beings, we need to be seen by our peers, and our superiors. We need to feel we matter, or we lose our sense of self, and slip into the existential void. This isn’t just a ... Read & React