Mission Matters: Why Your Agency Brand is Key to Recruiting Top Talent

When it comes to recruiting top talent, federal agencies may have a hard time competing with the private sector on compensation and efficiency of the hiring process, but most have one great advantage: mission. Government employees are scientists, investigators, analysts, and attorneys. They’re ... Read & React

Government’s technology problems are as complex and difficult to address as any in the world. Agencies need to be able to hire the best. Howard Risher

Basing Laws on Nothing Is Easier Than Using Evidence

For many economists, nothing is more exasperating than watching well-intentioned policies fall short because they were based on ideology, gut judgment, or something else besides sound evidence. In ... Read & React

Federal Foresight Community of Interest Turns Five

by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

Pop quiz: When planning for the future, which federal agency’s strategic plan has the longest timeframe? Answer: The U.S. Forest Service. The agency looks ahead 100 to 150 years—it takes a long time to grow a forest. An intrepid band of foresight analysts from across the federal government met ... Read & React

To Change How You Feel, Put On a Smile

This article was originally published in Futurity. Edits have been made to this republication. It has been republished under the Attribution 4.0 International license. The paper looked at nearly 50 years of data testing whether posing facial expressions can lead people to feel the emotions ... Read & React

Solving for Unproductive Workplace Conversations

How many conversations at work have you participated in or observed that went nowhere? Chances are, you can think of more than a few. These are the conversations where everyone talks, no one listens, and the involved parties dig in their heels on their positions. There might be arguing or ... Read & React

How to Deal With a Confrontational Naysayer During a Presentation

The Situation: The door opened, and Beth’s manager ushered her into a crowded room of senior managers gathered around the executive conference table. It was quiet, and she broke the silence with an enthusiastic “Good morning!” There was a chorus of responses and then the firm’s CEO offered, ... Read & React

How Regional Partnerships Are Tapping Talent to Solve Public Problems

Pittsburgh, above, was the site of one of several regional sessions aimed at coordinating action among various levels of government and universities.
by John Kamensky Senior Fellow, IBM Center for the Business of Government

In a research project last year, Carnegie Mellon University students used prescription drug data provided by the Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Department of Human Services to create a model that could, with 78 percent accuracy, predict who was at a high risk of opioid abuse outside of pain ... Read & React

Is Pay for Performance as Bad As the Critics Contend?

by Howard Risher Workforce Management Consultant

A recent column, “If Performance Governs Pay, More Workers Take Antidepressants” reminded me why I stayed out of the academic world. Its author took a 43-page article from a research journal (that ended with a five-page listing of previously published books and articles and 16 pages of ... Read & React

What You Need to Know About the Upcoming GPS Rollover

Perhaps the most important event you’ve never heard of is scheduled to take place on April 6. That’s when the GPS rollover will occur. Without getting too far into the weeds, the Global Positioning System is one of the few but critical mechanisms that supports the accurate measurement of time—by ... Read & React

The US Could Lose the AI Arms Race

by JT Kostman

On September 1, 2017, more than a million Russian schoolchildren watched a televised address from Russian President Vladimir Putin. "Artificial intelligence is the future; not only of Russia, but of all of mankind," Putin said. "Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of ... Read & React

Stop the Check: Steps to Reduce Uncle Sam’s Improper Payments

by Larry Malenich

What happens when the government sends a check to the wrong person? Or sends a check to the right person but in the wrong amount? Or sends a check that never should have been issued at all? Such mistakes cost taxpayers billions of dollars every year. In our annual audit of the federal ... Read & React