How to Build Credibility as a Manager

Building credibility is much like your fitness program—focus on the right activities at the right time and with the right frequency, and you grow stronger, faster, and more resilient. Here are 16 behaviors to help build credibility as a manager: Respect is never optional. Dispense it in every ... Read & React

Government’s technology problems are as complex and difficult to address as any in the world. Agencies need to be able to hire the best. Howard Risher

Government Would Function Better if IGs and Congress Worked Together

by Mallory Barg Bulman and Carlos Otal

Since fiscal 2015, the federal government’s 73 inspectors general have identified $87 billion in potential savings that could be realized if agencies eliminated questionable expenditures and made ... Read & React

Why You Should Stop Interrupting People and Become a Generative Listener

There is a kind of non-listening that goes on in our society and organizations that is distracted and disjointed, and often marked by interruptions. This non-listening doesn’t focus on the person speaking. Rather, the listeners try their hardest to get their ideas into the conversation. If ... Read & React

Misery Loves Bureaucracy: Why Technology Hasn’t Saved Government

by Alexis Wichowski

In an era when technology offers countless ways to improve all kinds of processes, that’s not always the case in government. More often than not, new technologies don’t solve the problems government officials want to fix. The reason for this is simple, but hard to resolve: Information-sharing ... Read & React

If Work Dominated Your Every Moment, Would Life Be Worth Living?

Imagine that work had taken over the world. It would be the centre around which the rest of life turned. Then all else would come to be subservient to work. Then slowly, almost imperceptibly, anything else – the games once played, the songs hitherto sung, the loves fulfilled, the festivals ... Read & React

I'm A Recruiter. Here Are The Questions I Hear Most Often From Job Candidates

by Paul McDonald Senior Executive Director, Robert Half

With unemployment near 17-year lows, we’re continuing to see a very hot market for skilled job candidates. But an element that’s essential to finding and hiring great talent is failing many organizations. Simply put, employers are not hitting the mark with their descriptions of job openings. ... Read & React

If You’re Calling Your Work Team Family, You’re Doing It Wrong

by Bruce Poon Tip Founder, G Adventures

It’s not uncommon to hear bosses refer to their employees as a “family.” I used to do it, too. The characterization can seem like a harmless way to generate camaraderie and community. But your coworkers are not actually “like a family.” You’re born into your family; where you work and who you ... Read & React

The Psychology Behind Performance-Based Bonuses is Total Bunk

Compensation is an arcane art. Everyone in business knows how a company determines compensation is extremely important to its health and culture, and yet nobody ever seems to be happy about it. Adding to this problem is the additional fact that nobody wants to sound like a jerk, and so there’s a ... Read & React

What the College Football Championship Teaches Us About Leaders and Followers

One of the most critical leadership characteristics is decisiveness: Dithering is destructive. But decisiveness alone does not automatically translate into implementation. A leader must do the hard work of creating followers who effectively, efficiently, and successfully respond to the leader’s ... Read & React

Three Daily Resolutions of Effective Leaders

It’s hard to resist the feeling of personal and professional rebirth that comes with the passing of one year into another. A fresh start is cathartic and motivating. Of course, as anyone who has resolved to change and failed by February knows, this feeling is fleeting as human nature runs smack ... Read & React

People With Sense of Purpose Tend to Do Healthy Stuff

People who have a sense of purpose in their life tend to make healthier lifestyle choices and report feeling better about their own health status, according to a new study. “Our analysis found that participants’ sense of purpose was positively associated with their reports of both vigorous and ... Read & React