Using digital media to engage citizens

Citizens now expect the same level of service and personalized experiences they have with companies in their private lives. What does this mean for government agencies? The time has come for agencies to embrace the same capabilities that private sector companies have embraced over the last several years to deliver personalized experiences by using digital media to engage citizens.

In this video, Accenture Federal Services’ Chris Zinner talks about the benefits agencies can expect to see if they invest in digital capabilities, namely, an increase in the satisfaction of their customers while reducing their cost to serve.

Consider this fact: the Census Bureau has been trying to modernize its digital capabilities over the last 18 months. It recognized early on that to increase customer satisfaction, it would need to solve the root cause of what was frustrating its customers—customers couldn’t find the information they were looking for on the Bureau’s website. 

Watch this video to find out how the Bureau responded and how you can use digital to engage citizens