We Should All Live By Boy Scout Values—All of Them

On Monday night, President Trump gave a political speech and also told some stories about New York cocktail parties he’s attended to around 40,000 11 to 18-year-old Boy Scouts at their National Jamboree in West Virginia. You can read the details in this article from the Washington Post. I made a ... Read & React

I often say that leaders control the weather. However they show up is predictive of how everyone around them will show up. That’s especially true in times of chaos and fluidity. Scott Eblin

How Agencies Can Deliver Better Results for Less Money

As the Trump administration continues to set its agenda for the federal government, it is emphasizing accountability, efficiency and tangible results. The message is clear: agencies must deliver ... Read & React

Can Government Earn Citizens' Trust?

by Donald F. Kettl Professor, University of Maryland School of Public Policy

Distrust may be the biggest governmental crisis of our time. Donald F. Kettl explores the issue in his new book, Can Governments Earn Our Trust? What follows is an excerpt:  The foundation for building trust begins with the argument for transparency. The central idea, developed during the ... Read & React

I Kicked My Smartphone Addiction By Retraining My Brain To Enjoy Being Bored

As an only child who grew up before the rise of the Internet, boredom was my constant companion. Summers were an endless stretch of riding my bike around town, reading, and staring up into the sky, imagining stories that I later wrote into my tattered journals. This tendency toward unscheduled ... Read & React

Rethinking Remote Work

IBM is the latest firm to announce an end to remote working arrangements—a practice it popularized and enabled through its products and advertising. It seems there’s a trend, particularly in struggling companies ranging from Best Buy a few years ago, to Yahoo, and now, IBM (20 quarters of ... Read & React

Evaluating Trump's Psyche in Public

It’s not hard to find somebody who’s willing to call the president of the United States crazy. “Madman” was, after all, one of the words that cropped up most frequently in coverage about him during the 2016 campaign. But psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental-health professionals have ... Read & React

The Performance Revolution Government Needs

by Howard Risher Workforce Management Consultant

In a recent column, Terry Gerton, President of the National Academy of Public Administration, noted that government will not be able to solve many problems until the civil service system is reformed. NAPA’s new white paper, “No Time to Wait:  Building a Public Service for the 21st Century,” ... Read & React

'Do You Have Any Questions For Us?'

by Quora

This question originally appeared on Quora: What reply does the interviewer expect when he asks “do you have any questions for us”?Answer by Ambra Benjamin, engineering recruiter at Facebook. Almost every interview process will leave some time at the end of the interview (or each interview, if ... Read & React

Why Warmth Is the Underappreciated Skill Leaders Need

When it comes to success in leadership, there has never been just one playbook. Some leaders are extroverts, natural mentors, and charismatic speakers; others prefer to lead by example and take a more hands-off approach. There is, however, one simple fact that leaders ignore at their peril: ... Read & React

More U.S. Veterans Are Getting Hospice Care

by David Orenstein

Substantially more US veterans are using hospice following a US Department of Veterans Affairs initiative to improve care at the end of life. The VA wanted to know the effects of its four-year Comprehensive End-of-Life Care (CELC) initiative, which began in 2009. The findings of a new study, ... Read & React

How To Be An Overachiever—Without Making Everyone Secretly Hate You

As the old saying goes, it’s lonely at the top. A string of recent studies show that high-performing employees are vulnerable to attacks from coworkers. In settings ranging from Taiwanese hair salons to American business schools, average performers treated their more successful peers as ... Read & React