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Cocktails and Conversation

October 10, 2017 What do U.S. Army leaders see, and what do they need, after years of increasing forces, arms, and exercises with allies watching Russia's front door? During the AUSA annual meeting in October, Defense One will sit down with top military leaders and experts to explore the future of the U.S. Army and what's next in global security.

Cocktails and Conversation

September 19, 2017

Spotlight on Innovation: California

September 7, 2017 Route Fifty is headed to Sacramento to highlight the innovations driving California's state, county, and municipal governments. We'll talk with Navigator Award finalists and other innovative state and local officials about what makes these leaders, teams, and programs so successful, as well as what lessons can be applied to governments across the country.

Defense Dialogues: The Future of Missile Defense

August 7, 2017 With constant threats from rogue nations and the growing sophistication of enemy missiles, the need to be ahead of our adversaries has never been more important. For the first time in decades, missiles defense has become a dinner table conversation. The future of missile defense, for both the U.S. and its allies abroad, relies on decisions made today. Join us to hear from missile defense leaders across government and industry!

Mission First: Keeping Government and Education Safe

July 27, 2017 The security issues facing today’s public sector agencies are enormous. Government has become a leading target and consumer of counterfeit and grey market IT due to manipulations of the government procurement process by bad actors. Join PCM-G and keynote speaker Brig. Gen. Steven Spano (USAF, Ret.) to understand and combat vulnerabilities, how to implement a secure IT strategy, and learn about Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management and how to secure a mobile ecosystem in the public sector.

Route Fifty Roadshow - Columbus

July 22, 2017 Join Route Fifty in Columbus as we explore how the state of Ohio and local leaders are successfully harnessing data, technology, and know-how to provide all levels of government with the right tools to operate efficiently, make informed decisions, and enable growth.

Defense One Tech Summit

July 13, 2017 The 2nd Annual Defense One Tech Summit will feature top technical thinkers in government, academia, Silicon Valley and beyond. We'll discuss how the game-changing tech of today will become the game-winning resources of tomorrow and paint a picture where commanders have more resources and capabilities to effect positive change and innovate for the future. The stakes could not be higher.

Defense One Insights Briefing

July 11, 2017 The Insights Briefing is a crucial tool for those operating in defense marketing. We convened the top minds in the field to share secrets on how to guide high-performing campaigns from conception to execution. Explore insights about the current state of the market and future industry trends, in addition to hearing and sharing success stories through an exclusive networking opportunity at the end of the program. This is the defense marketing summit you will not want to miss.

Tech Refresh - The New Administration's Approach to Replacing Aging Technology

June 29, 2017 The Modernizing Government Technology Act that passed in May is a $500 million fund that will support IT modernization across outdated infrastructures in the federal government. Join Nextgov this Thursday morning as we sit down with Brig Gen. Kevin Kennedy, Commerce's Rod Turk, Congresswoman Robin Kelly and other tech leaders to discuss the strategies needed to be put in place by the new administration to tackle government IT modernization.

Protecting the Integrity of National Security Supply Chains

June 28, 2017 Join Defense One and INSA for a panel that will bring together a cadre of public and private sector experts to discuss threats to the supply chain and implications for national security. Additionally, the discussion will focus on how intelligence community agencies and private companies in the national security sector mitigate risk from their suppliers and communicate these supply chain risks.