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Government's Next Generation: Recruiting and Managing the Future Federal Workforce

October 10, 2018 The president’s management agenda provides a long-term vision for rebuilding public trust in government by tackling systemic barriers to reform, including an ineffective personnel management system and outdated technology infrastructure. The goals are threefold: deliver on agency missions, provide superior service to the public, and eliminate waste. At Fedstival 2018, Government Executive and Nextgov explore how agencies are working to achieve this vision and develop the next generation of leaders. We’ll examine how agencies are empowering staff and aligning skills with mission requirements; modernizing systems for the digital age; and using data to deliver better outcomes and hold people accountable for performance.

Cocktails and Conversation

October 9, 2018 At Defense One's Cocktails & Conversation hosted during the week of AUSA's 2018 Annual Meeting, join our conversation with key leaders who are shaping the U.S. Army today and tomorrow. We will examine how U.S. Army field commanders - infantry divisions and more - are adapting to the President's National Security Strategy, and what to expect from the new Army Futures Command coming over the horizon.

Fedstival 2018

October 9, 2018 Government Executive and Nextgov will bring together the top thinkers, leaders, and innovators in government who are shifting perceptions, accelerating change, and redefining what it means to be a public servant. We’ll convene October 9-11 for a week of conversations, events, workshops, networking and more to discuss the most important topics in today’s federal landscape - from emerging technology applications to the future of the workforce and beyond.

Defense One 5th Anniversary - The Future of Defense

October 4, 2018 Defense One always looks to “the future of defense,” so for our 5th anniversary we’re not looking back, we’re looking ahead five years…into the future! We’ll talk to key national security leaders for their 5-year plans, predictions, estimations, and visions. What will the global security landscape look like? What should it look like? And, more importantly, what should U.S. leaders be doing to get us there?

Beyond the Great Society: Creating Opportunity for All in the 21st Century

October 2, 2018 Fifty years after President Lyndon Johnson launched his “Great Society” agenda, where do we stand when it comes to providing services, as well as economic and social mobility, to those in need? During this event, we’ll explore the future of our existing social programs.

Defense One Global Business Briefing 2018

October 2, 2018 In the next installation of the Defense One's Global Business Briefing series, Marcus Weisgerber will sit with Mitch Snyder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bell, for a high-level conversation on the future of vertical lift and what is ahead for Bell in the defense industry.

GovExec LIVE: Federal Government Reform and Reorganization

September 20, 2018 In June, the Trump administration released a reorganization plan that included 32 recommendations for reshaping the federal government, including merging the Labor and Education departments, shrinking the responsibilities of the Office of Personnel Management and privatizing the Postal Service. If approved by Congress, this would mark the first major overhaul of federal operations in decades. In the third installment of the GovExec LIVE event series, Government Executive will gather public sector officials, civil service reform experts and former government leaders to discuss overcoming challenges to reorganization, managing during uncertainty, lessons learned from past restructuring efforts and what comes next.

The Human Machine Team -- Better Together

September 18, 2018 This event will discuss the critical mission imperative of artificial intelligence. Today, more than ever, the intelligence community must do more than collect data. By harnessing the combined power of the human and the machine, the IC will be better positioned to know what is important and be able to translate that information into intelligence. Join Defense One and INSA on September 18 at The National Union Building in Washington, DC to discuss The Human Machine Team -- Better Together.

Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction

September 13, 2018 In September, Noblis will lead a discussion with federal, defense, and industry experts and leaders to discuss the ideas and concerns on the future of national security and countering CBRNE threats.

Data-Driven Cyber Security - Driving Value to the Mission

August 22, 2018 As agencies modernize their IT infrastructure, they are looking to leverage cloud, mobility, IoT and other technologies to create a new class of IT services that extend far beyond the network perimeter. This emerging environment requires a disciplined approach to managing security, built on a foundation of in-depth network visibility. This event will bring together cyber leaders from government and industry to explore how agencies can leverage new tools and tactics for improving their cyber posture in this emerging IT environment.