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Building a Resilient Community in a Changing World

8:00 AM ET At this event, we’ll explore how local governments in Southeast Florida are working to enhance their capacity to adapt and grow no matter what kinds of chronic stresses and acute shocks they experience. From climate change to immigration to infrastructure, we’ll examine the pressures governments face and share how to minimize their impacts.

Healthcare 2030: Future of Machine-Driven Medicine

March 13, 2019 At this event, Nextgov will sit down with technology and healthcare leaders across government to explore the possibilities of AI applications in government, from optimizing the healthcare enterprise, to integrating robotics into patient care, to identifying and mitigating public health threats before they emerge.

Cybersmart Cultivating A Future-Focused Cyber Culture

March 7, 2019 Attend this event to hear important discussions on the following topics: Funding cyber infrastructure amidst competing priorities, responding to cyber attacks technically and communicating the response internally and externally, partnering across government to build cyber workforce capabilities, creating rigorous cybersecurity policies, standards, and controls, training technical and nontechnical staff on cybersecurity practices or building a cyber ecosystem.

Global Business Briefing

January 23, 2019 In the next installation of the Defense One's Global Business Briefing series, Marcus Weisgerber will sit with Anthony Moraco, SAIC CEO, for a conversation about his strategic outlook for the company, to include its planned acquisition of Engility, its push into the armored vehicles market and space-related work.

Cocktails & Conversation - The Human Machine Team: The Analyst of Today and Tomorrow

December 13, 2018 The panel will explore how today’s intelligence analysts utilize AI/ML and their evolving role as we begin to trust and understand machine augmentation in order to maintain our competitive edge in the intelligence and national security arena.

The Next Generation of Federal Financial Management

December 11, 2018 Modernizing financial management is about more than moving yesterday’s financial systems to a secure and modern technological platform. It’s about employing machine learning and robotic process automation to free finance staff from non-value-added, repetitive tasks. Hear from government and industry leaders who are at the forefront of this innovation as SAP explores the next generation of federal financial management. 

GovExec LIVE: Reskilling, Automating and Hiring the Future Federal Workforce

December 6, 2018 In the fourth installment of the GovExec LIVE series, we’ll sit down with leaders from across the government to discuss strategies for reskilling the workforce, the risk and rewards associated with changing agency culture, automation and the technology behind the future workforce.

Defense One Summit 2018

November 15, 2018 A new era of global competition demands upgrades and additions to the tools that have ensured U.S. and allied security since World War II: diplomacy, international cooperation, technology, lethal force, and the promotion of ideals. Defense One will gather top leaders from the military, government, and private sectors to discuss and debate what comes next and how to prepare for it.

Accelerated AI: Shaping the Future of Government with Artificial Intelligence

November 13, 2018 Our society is in the midst of a technological disruption, and artificial intelligence is at the helm. Now more than ever, government leaders are challenged to keep pace with the evolving tech landscape and determine areas for AI investment and adoption within their respective agencies. For the public sector, AI is more than just a cool technology. It is a tool to transform the way government and defense agencies operate, deliver citizen services, and protect the nation. Government Acquisitions, Inc., Dell EMC, and Nvidia are teaming up on November 13 to discuss the state of and future with AI, the 21st century’s most important technology.

Mission to Modernize

October 25, 2018 On October 25th, join industry and government experts, decision-makers, and doers to explore how a modernized storage network and infrastructure can improve agency effectiveness while providing a platform for innovation.