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The Big Questions For What's Next in Local Law Enforcement Tech

February 24, 2016 From the implementation of police body cameras to predictive policing analytics, the work of law enforcement these days is incredibly tech forward. But there are complex issues local governments face with all the innovation in crime fighting and prevention. Route Fifty will interview experts with informed perspectives on what agencies are facing now and the challenges that await.

LIVESTREAM: Supporting the Warfighter

February 23, 2016 Maintaining a fully manned and dynamic workforce is a key component of military readiness. While much of the force readiness conversation is focused on the warfighters themselves, equally important is developing and sustaining the talent that provides the military with the infrastructure to accomplish its missions. Join us as we discuss manpower and talent required to support the warfighter and their influence on shaping force readiness.

Bridging the Gap Between Big Data and Practical Critical Decisions

February 22, 2016 During this digital event, we’ll explore use cases on crime prevention, disease prediction and more to illustrate how you can successfully overcome your big data problems by leveraging your disparate data pools as a useable, useful, and dynamic resource. Join us on February 22 at 2 PM.

Analytics of Multi-Cultural Name Information

February 16, 2016 In an increasingly diverse and connected world, the national security and public health of millions rely on our government understanding a multitude of peoples, cultures and languages. How do we create analytics capable of understanding pronunciations that don’t exist in English and customs uncommon in the United States? How can our analytics understand multicultural, human complexity?

Data Governance in the Internet of Everything

February 4, 2016 All the data in the world is useless if you can’t manage it. Join Nextgov and data pros from USDA and the FOIA Resource Center for a livestreamed conversation around the fast-approaching world of big data in the Internet of Everything.

Federal Management: The State of Your Union

January 27, 2016 Each year, federal agency Inspectors General offer up their lists of each agency’s top management challenges. Join us for a Jan. 27 livestreamed conversation exploring these challenges and what progress we’re making addressing them.

LIVESTREAM: Maintaining Force Readiness in the New Era of Global Threats

January 21, 2016 Join Defense One as we engage military leaders in a discussion on building a military and maintaining total force readiness in the next decades. We will explore "new front line" areas of cyber and the integration of women into all military jobs among other areas shaping force readiness in the next decades.

2016 Top Management Challenges for State & Local Government

January 20, 2016 Over the past ten years, a wide array of challenges have made management increasingly difficult for state and local government employees. To dig deeper into which issues are currently causing leaders the most trouble, Route Fifty and Government Business Council conducted a survey of more than 900 state and local leaders. Join us for a livestreamed conversation on January 20th to learn the findings of this brand new research.

Government Analytics Forum Resource Center

December 31, 2015 Many federal professionals know that they need to extract actionable information from the vast data repositories that their agencies maintain. Yet challenges exist in how to get at that data and use it for meaningful analysis and more informed decision-making. In May, experts from the data analysis community gathered to share best practices for driving mission objectives with informed decisions at the 2015 Government Analytics Forum.

Leveraging Data for State & Local Government Transformation

December 8, 2015 In this live, digital conversation on December 8th, editors from Route Fifty and data and performance leaders from state and local jurisdictions will discuss best practices and approaches to turn public data into the energy that powers government services.