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Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation: How to Reduce Threats, Complexity and Cost

December 4, 2013 Join us to hear real world solutions to continuous diagnostics and mitigation that automate the assessment and remediation process and eliminate arduous and costly spreadsheet based remediation associated with legacy tools. Learn how other US Federal departments and agencies are mitigating threats and reducing risk while minimizing costs and decreasing remediation cycles.

Cloud First: Realizing the Full Potential of the Cloud

December 4, 2013 Over the past three years, federal leadership has mandated that agencies move existing and new IT services to the cloud through the Cloud First Policy and Digital Government Strategy. Join us to hear survey results from nearly 300 respondents and learn about: The current state of cloud adoption and drivers behind its growth; Challenges faced by federal managers who are adopting cloud technologies; and Strategies for procuring and staffing for the cloud.

Protecting the Past and Creating a Path for the Future: Challenges Facing Federal Records Management

November 7, 2013 Join GBC and Iron Mountain as we explore this research and have a candid discussion of how agencies are progressing against this directive and learn how the research shows collaboration between Records and IT professionals helps agencies get on the right path to success.

Federal Health Care 101: Open Season, Coverage & Your Options

November 6, 2013 At the start of 2014 open season, join government healthcare expert Walt Francis, author of the annual CHECKBOOK's Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employees, as he explains the details of available insurance plans, answers your questions about your 2014 federal health care options, and helps you make more-informed decisions about your coverage.

Shared Services: Empowering Agencies to Focus on Mission

November 6, 2013 Though some federal agencies have made progress in shared service adoption and at least nine federal shared service providers (FSSPs) have emerged across various lines of business, widespread concerns over the implications of shared services are slowing further implementation of the 2012 Federal IT Shared Services Strategy.

Open Hybrid Cloud: Create a Cloud for Your Needs on Your Terms

September 18, 2013 The promised benefits of the cloud are clear, and government mandates are pushing you to make the move. But, the complexity and security of putting together a self-service, hybrid cloud that spans resources in your datacenter and those rented from public cloud providers can be overwhelming.

Are Budget Pressures Affecting DoD's Readiness?

September 12, 2013 Budget shortfalls are putting pressure on the Defense Department to find savings in all areas, including the maintenance of the DoD’s assets and technologies. Defense assets are costly to operate and maintain. Even a small delay in detecting a problem can result in an unexpectedly large repair bill, and unplanned downtime has significant consequences for the operational performance of DoD’s systems.

Knowing Where to Look: Identifying and Implementing Shared Services

September 4, 2013 In a recent Government Business Council survey of 300 federal managers, just 44 percent of respondents indicated that their agencies are really “shared-first.” Identifying which services should be moved to a shared model and finding existing providers are among the top challenges facing today’s federal leaders.

More than a Hashtag: Using Social Media to Achieve Mission Goals

August 29, 2013 Today, federal agencies face significant challenges in increasing their operational effectiveness while reducing costs. The explosive growth of social media creates both greater challenges and significant opportunities for federal agencies and service branches.

Ensuring Application Security in a Mobile World

August 27, 2013 As mobility becomes a top priority on the federal technologist's agenda, many agencies are developing mobile apps to better serve their customers. However, security concerns can slow agency momentum toward mobile computing.