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Federal Strategies for Unlocking Connectivity

April 4, 2019 During this digital webcast, Nextgov will sit down with federal technology and connectivity experts to discuss strategies for overcoming barriers to wireless access - whether due to security concerns, emergencies, geographic location, weather, or large events.

Building a Culture of Analytics

March 27, 2019 Join Nextgov for this digital event as we convene federal data experts to discuss real strategies for gleaning more actionable insights from your data.

How To Tech Series: Cloud

March 19, 2019 At this webcast, Route Fifty will speak with technology leaders from across the country at different stages in their cloud adoption - from those early adopters who have well-established cloud capabilities to those just starting the cloud journey.

Promoting Excellence From the Center

March 12, 2019 During this viewcast, Nextgov will sit down with the leaders of the Centers of Excellence program and participating agencies to take a deep dive into how the program operates, what makes it unique, and what tangible change has taken place so far.

Modernization Strategies: Leveraging Hybrid Cloud for Agility

March 7, 2019 In this webcast, a federal cloud expert will discuss best practices for creating a hybrid cloud environment that is both high-performing and agile.

Responsible AI: Maintaining Trust with Artificial Intelligence

February 28, 2019 Tune in on February 28 to hear public and private sector experts discuss maintaining trust in the era of the machine, the need for responsible AI in government, how to institutionalize ethical practices and strategies for communicating the impact of AI to both workers and citizens.

A Post-Perimeter Approach to Securing Government IT Environments

February 27, 2019 Tune in on February 27 to hear about the new security architecture needed to protect federal employees who are connected to government resources all over the world.

Modernization Strategies: Building the AI-Ready Agency

February 26, 2019 Tune in to this webcast on March 13th to hear a discussion on positioning an organization to make effective use of AI.

Securing and Modernizing Government IT to Advance Mission Goals

February 21, 2019 Tune in on February 21 to hear defense and industry experts explore case studies that showcase steps taken toward IT modernization, best practices for replicating these efforts at other agencies and how open, secure and flexible IT systems can increase interoperability and improve mission delivery.

How To Tech Series: Artificial Intelligence

January 16, 2019 During this digital webcast, Route Fifty will highlight case studies from state and local government technology leaders who are using artificial intelligence.