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Mythbusting the Cloud

May 16, 2019 In this webcast, Nextgov will speak with federal cloud experts to debunk misconceptions about what cloud is, what it should be, and how agencies should be using it.

Compliance in a Digital World

May 15, 2019 During this digital webcast, Nextgov will speak with federal IT experts who are tackling modernization mandates to explore how agencies can successfully modernize while being sure to comply with regulations.

Make Automation a Key Part of Your Cloud Strategy

May 14, 2019 Tune into this viewcast to hear 3 key ways that automation can ease migration to cloud.

Tinseltown Turns to Cloud

May 8, 2019 Most state and local government agencies realize that it’s time consolidate their on-premises data centers and begin to migrate workloads to the cloud. During this podcast, you will hear from two leaders from the Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor as they detail their experiences in moving to the cloud.

Delivering a Modern Windows 10 Experience with GPU Virtualization

May 1, 2019 In this digital webcast, learn how a large government agency turned to GPU virtualization to achieve a native-PC experience in the age of multimedia.

Artificial Intelligence - The Race is Now

April 24, 2019 During this digital viewcast, we’ll explore the shifts in federal AI strategy, and dive into the practical starting points for agencies eager to be on the forefront of AI adoption.

Managing Tomorrow's Intelligent Transportation Networks

April 23, 2019 Through use cases and discussions with state and local transportation leaders, Cisco will share the best practices for managing our increasingly connected infrastructure in innovative ways.

Federal Strategies for Unlocking Connectivity

April 4, 2019 During this digital webcast, Nextgov will sit down with federal technology and connectivity experts to discuss strategies for overcoming barriers to wireless access - whether due to security concerns, emergencies, geographic location, weather, or large events.

Building a Culture of Analytics

March 27, 2019 Join Nextgov for this digital event as we convene federal data experts to discuss real strategies for gleaning more actionable insights from your data.

How To Tech Series: Cloud

March 19, 2019 At this webcast, Route Fifty will speak with technology leaders from across the country at different stages in their cloud adoption - from those early adopters who have well-established cloud capabilities to those just starting the cloud journey.