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Air Force presses case for faster replacement of tankers

Agency could save $6.1 billion by retiring 114 of the oldest models in the next four years, officials said in congressional testimony.

Senators say Homeland Security budget proposal falls short

Additional money is needed for Coast Guard, first responder grants, lawmakers from both parties argue.

Lockheed, Boeing on collision course over cargo planes

Air Force leaders ask lawmakers to repeal provision prohibiting military from retiring older Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy aircraft.

Panel questions Homeland Security inspection of food

Agriculture, DHS inspectors general launch joint probe.

Senator wants border security funds added to supplemental spending bill

Proposed $1.1 billion addition would go toward replacement and modernization of equipment, construction of stations and checkpoints, communications upgrades and language training.

Following White House orders, Army cut supplemental request

Decision to trim $3 billion shows the Army is subject to the same fiscal constraints as other Pentagon agencies.

Contractor ethics plan quashed in House-Senate negotiations

Quiet removal of language requiring contractors to name ex-Defense officials working for them indicates challenge ahead for ethics reform.

Senators demand classified briefing on ports deal

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says he will be personally involved in new review of U.S. port operations sale.

Panel challenges GAO ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ report

A University of California commission accuses congressional auditors of underestimating the costs of the Pentagon’s homosexual conduct policy.

GAO finds gaps in chemical plant security

Auditors conclude that Congress should give the Homeland Security Department more power to regulate chemical facilities.