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Contest to represent DHS workers will begin in May

Unions say upcoming fight over 21,000 Customs and Border Protection employees will not hinder effort to challenge personnel reforms.

Ports group backs trio of security bills

Group opposes fourth measure that would require full inspection of all cargo entering the United States, calling it unrealistic.

Concerns about wireless tracking devices discussed

State Department plans to use such technology in passports starting this summer.

Pentagon to streamline process for buying business systems

Pilot program will be announced in next few months, Defense official says.

Chertoff wants flexibility in managing chemical plant safety

Homeland Security chief encourages ranking facilities based on risk levels.

Chertoff vows feds won't supersede local responders

Emergency personnel should be trained to respond to non-traditional threats, Homeland Security chief says.

Bird flu screening to be expanded

Tests will be conducted on more than 75,000 birds in 2006, Interior Secretary Gale Norton says.

Customs bureau may seek private sector help

With only 80 inspectors to validate cargo security plans for about 10,000 companies, agency is looking for extra support.

Pentagon seeks to explain rise in sexual assault reports

Officials view increase as sign that new confidentiality policies are working.

NSA program broader than previously described

Warrantless eavesdropping involves analyzing far-reaching web of communications data.