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Customs bureau may seek private sector help

With only 80 inspectors to validate cargo security plans for about 10,000 companies, agency is looking for extra support.

Pentagon seeks to explain rise in sexual assault reports

Officials view increase as sign that new confidentiality policies are working.

NSA program broader than previously described

Warrantless eavesdropping involves analyzing far-reaching web of communications data.

House panel approves DHS management changes

Members hold off on considering merger of ICE and CBP, stronger protections for homeland security whistleblowers.

Senator decries agency coordination in Iraq, Afghanistan

Key legislator requests report outlining plans to implement a presidential directive on management of interagency reconstruction, stabilization efforts.

Senator opposes steep hikes in Tricare fees, calls for study

Pentagon officials have proposed boost in one-time enrollment fees and recurring co-pays that would save about $735 million in fiscal 2007.

British demand better access to fighter jet program

The Pentagon recently decided to make a U.S. company the sole engine developer for the jet, a move feared to drive up costs and cause delays.

Defense business agency meets three-quarters of goals

Transformation agency officials say missed milestones were anticipated and will be addressed by the end of the fiscal year.

Panel approves bill establishing nuclear detection office within DHS

Office would coordinate with Defense, FBI, Energy Department and intelligence agencies on a global detection system.

Lawmakers urge government, industry to partner on emergency communications

Key senator also says government should establish identification standards for all communications officials.