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Industry officials discuss plans for meeting federal ID standards

Officials say they are content with the standards and optimistic about meeting them.

Acting FEMA chief backs suggestions for improved disaster response

R. David Paulison says, however, that fixes will take several years.

Unmanned subs would revolutionize warfare, analyst says

Development of advanced unmanned subs would give the Navy the world’s premier maritime fleet, according to the analyst.

Employees accuse FEMA of racial bias in personnel decisions

NAACP is investigating several claims that blacks were overlooked for promotions and is considering a lawsuit.

Lawmaker widens probe of Cunningham contacts

House Armed Services Committee chairman asks staff to retrieve all relevant documents and communications dating back to 1991.

Religious groups join fight against national IDs

Groups are endorsing a proposal that would make New Hampshire the first state to reject the federal requirement.

FEMA employees laud suggestions for improved disaster response

Lack of coordination at agency blamed in IG report for post-Katrina lapses.

Agencies struggle to get a handle on illegal immigrants

More than 100,000 of the illegal aliens caught by the government last year slipped away.

Telecom giant pulled into domestic eavesdropping controversy

Former AT&T technician alleges the company built a secret room to cull information from its residential Internet service, at NSA’s request.

Pentagon’s IT chief says credibility hurt by cost, schedule overruns

John Grimes says his office is stretched thin, and contractors now make up more than half his staff.