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Forward Observer: Bartlett's Not-So-Familiar Quotations

Maryland congressman seeks to prevent the Navy from pricing itself out of an adequately-sized fleet.

Unified mapping system slow to take hold

System could have helped emergency responders in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but was not used.

Decision to halt security clearance processing prompts outcry

OPM says funding problem that led Defense Security Service to stop forwarding applications will be cleared up in a few days.

DHS urged to approve standards for private airport screeners

Lack of performance criteria shields contractors from legal ramifications of negligence, GAO says.

More testing of container screening system is planned

Advocates say system represents breakthrough in technology; would let every container be scanned at foreign ports without hurting trade.

Panel trims $341 million from Defense IT programs

Cuts only represent 1 percent of department’s $31 billion fiscal 2007 budget request for technology, but would hit some programs hard.

Senate considers allowing Navy to retire aircraft carrier

Move would decrease costs and reduce carrier fleet to 11 ships, a level deemed adequate in the Quadrennial Defense Review.

CIA tightens limits on former employees’ ability to speak out

New policy requires publications of ex-employees turned contractors to be screened for political content as well as classified material.

FEMA workers want to shift focus away from post-Katrina reports

Employees urge independence from DHS, and try to concentrate on preparing for the upcoming hurricane season.

House committee aims to move first on FEMA overhaul

Panel working to advance bill that would leave the agency in DHS but expand its powers.