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Qualifications of Bush pick to head FEMA praised at hearing

At his confirmation hearing, Acting Director David Paulison told senators he is trying to overcome the agency’s morale problem.

Pentagon faulted for decision to cancel fighter's alternate engine

Decision focused on short-term savings from halting the program and failed to consider the long-term benefits of competition, GAO says.

Defense business modernization agency wins support

GAO sees improvement and members of Congress are working to get funding restored.

Army Corps delays announcing winner of contest for IT jobs

Number of positions involved has shrunk from 1,350 to 1,100 as employees await result.

FEMA says it will meet hiring goals by hurricane season

Officials say local authorities will bear more responsibility during responses to this year's storms.

Pentagon late payments hurt small contractors

GAO encourages Defense to invest more in its Web-based contract payment system.

Wiretapping battle continues in Congress, courts

Senate panel plans later this week to debate and approve a compromise version of legislation to create an oversight process.

House vote slows Air Force bid to retire aging aircraft

Armed Services panel chairman says plan to use money from retirements for upgrades and new purchases is too risky.

CIA nominee questioned on citizen surveillance

Senators upset at lack of early disclosure on spying program; also grill Michael Hayden on faulty pre-Iraq war intelligence.

TSA announces strengthening of air cargo screening rules

Shippers would bear some of the cost; House Homeland Security Committee Democrat says process still would not be airtight.