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Hearings to precede immigration bill conference negotiations

Move likely to delay passage of bill until after the August recess.

Forward Observer: Another Seat at the Table

National Guard leader would have benefited from being a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

DHS: State disaster response plans lacking

Federal officials still need to improve coordination with state and local governments, review finds.

Bush signs supplemental spending bill

Measure to provide war, border security, Gulf Coast recovery and avian flu funding also sets discretionary spending cap for fiscal 2007.

Affidavit says Cunningham intervened on limo firm's behalf

Contract was awarded through full and open competition, and alleged letter on company's behalf is nowhere to be found, DHS says.

FEMA abandons target date for full staffing

New director says he is no longer sure when agency will be near full capacity, cites bureaucracy as a problem.

Two controversial counter-terror programs share parallels

Total Information Awareness successor could be used to enhance NSA domestic eavesdropping program, former officials say.

Data mining helps uncover fraud in disaster relief

GAO used technique to locate FEMA payments that were based on duplicative registration data.

Lawmakers seek more precision in TSA’s terrorist watch list

Failure of program to expedite screening for frequent fliers to move past development stage also frustrates legislators.

Panel blasts FEMA over new, higher fraud estimate

Agency typically has held its waste and fraud rate to between 1 percent and 3 percent, but Katrina overwhelmed systems, official says.