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Biological terrorism threat commands attention

The nation’s fragmented, underfunded public health system is coming under increased scrutiny in Congress as federal and state law enforcement officials continue an investigation into a second confirmed case of anthrax contamination in South Florida.

U.S. strikes at terrorist targets in Afghanistan

The Bush administration on Sunday launched what promises to be a long and delicate military campaign against Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban forces, which have long supported the al Queda terrorist network believed responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon.

Agencies on high alert; Homeland Security Office goes into operation

In the wake of the military strikes over the Columbus Day holiday weekend, federal agencies went on heightened alert as former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge took the helm of the White House Office of Homeland Security.

Defense review calls for major management changes

The Defense Department must improve how it recruits and retains workers, eliminate unneeded infrastructure and outsource some support jobs, according to the newly released Quadrennial Defense Review.

American troops have a knack for unconventional campaigns

The United States military actually has some successes under its belt in snatch-and-grab expeditionary missions.