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House Speaker: Budget Fights Have ‘Pushed Our Military Past the Breaking Point’

Paul Ryan highlighted defense hawks’ concerns about readiness and funding as Congress tries to avert a shutdown.

Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., (left) and Jack Reed, D-R.I.,  championed the project.

New, Temporary Federal Agency Will Push for National Service

Commission will start national “conversation” to consider need to reinstate the draft.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice speak to the Hoover Institution at Stanford University on Wednesday, Janurary 17.

America Quietly Starts Nation-Building in Parts of Syria

The U.S. has escalated its presence in the country, and has signaled no timetable for when it will end.

The tip of a LGM-30 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile near Lansford, N.D.

As America’s Nukes and Sensors Get More Connected, the Risk of Cyber Attack Is Growing

Future nuclear weapons will be more sophisticated and better integrated with other equipment. That has benefits and drawbacks.

President Trump speaks with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a welcome ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing in November.

U.S. Arrests a Suspected Mole Who May Have Rattled the CIA's Operations in China

Arrest comes as the United States wrestles with how to counter Beijing’s efforts to obtain counterintelligence from American sources.

First Lt. Pamela Blanco-Coca and 2nd Lt. John Anderson simulate key turns of the Minuteman III ICBM in a Launch Control Center on the F.E. Warren Air Force Base Missile Complex in Wyoming.

Nuclear Command Network Would See Comprehensive Upgrade Under Trump Plan

While the ICBMs, bombers, submarines and cruise missiles get lots of attention, the network connecting them also needs updating.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

Trump Orders Intel Agencies To Protect Americans from ‘Unmasking’

The president has accused officials in the Obama administration of abusing the privilege to request redacted names from intelligence reports.