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Up in the Air

The Federal Aviation Administration has a grand plan to revamp its personnel and procurement systems to save money and solve air-traffic controller and technician shortages. But many people in the agency doubt it will work.

The Competitors

Suddenly competition is blossoming in the federal government, as agencies vie with each other to sell services throughout the bureaucracy. A wide range of administrative functions will now be "franchised" by government entrepreneurs.

Three Cheers for Simple Specs

Three Cheers for Simple Specs

Solving the Procurement Puzzle

Solving the Procurement Puzzle

Selling Cultural Changes

Contracting officers are encouraged to take prudent risks

Bidding Farewell to Old Ways

FAR rewrite to encourage innovative buying methods.

On-Line Shopping

Electronic commerce speeds federal acquisitions

Reforming the Standards

DoD works to eliminate military-unique specifications

Putting the Lid on Litigation

Alternative dispute resolution curbs bid protests

Buying off the Shelf

GSA streamlines the multiple-award schedule contract program