The 10 'Sticky States' Where Feds Will Have Trouble Recruiting IT Talent

By Brittany Ballenstedt

February 14, 2013

Federal agencies are looking to recruit highly-skilled IT workers and perhaps woo them from their current jobs. But there are 10 states where agencies may not have much success in luring tech professionals to the government workforce.

According to this month’s issue of the Dice Report, there are 10 “sticky states” where companies, hiring managers and recruiters have a home field advantage when it comes to recruiting technology professionals.

“Correlating tech professionals’ confidence in their ability to find a new position with their willingness to relocate reveals a few states where hiring managers will have a particularly hard time convincing tech talent to uproot, even for the perfect position,” the report states.

Topping the list is Georgia, where 72 percent of tech pros say they could easily find a new job. At the same time, the majority of the Georgia tech talent pool is not interested in relocating, with only 37 percent willing to move for a new job. Also making the list was New York, where 61 percent of tech pros say they would have an easy time finding a new job in 2013, yet only 37 percent said they would be willing to relocate.

Tech pros in Maryland also would be reluctant to move for a new job, with just 33 percent saying they would relocate for work. At the same time, tech pros in Maryland are confident in their skills, with 67 percent saying they could find a new job this year.

Other “sticky states” making the list were: Minnesota, Delaware, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Colorado and New Jersey.

On the flip side, agencies that have relocation packages to offer are best suited to lure tech professionals away from Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina and Alabama, Dice found.

Are you confident in your ability to find a new job this year? Would you be willing to relocate for the perfect position? 

By Brittany Ballenstedt

February 14, 2013