James Cartwright

James Cartwright, a former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, retired as a general from the U.S. Marine Corps after nearly 40 years of service. He is an advisor to SpaceX.
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Don’t Prolong America’s Dependence on Russian Rockets

December 4, 2015 For more than a decade, America has purchased rocket engines at a cost of tens of millions of dollars each—for a total cost in the billions—from the Russian government to send our critical military and intelligence-gathering satellites to space. The 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, which the President signed into...

Analysis: If Israeli or the U.S. Take Action Against Iran

May 29, 2013 Let's say it's late 2013 and the prime minister of Israel has just received a phone call from the White House relaying the findings of a recent U.S. intelligence assessment: international sanctions and negotiations with Iran have yet to persuade the regime to halt its nuclear drive. Tehran previously rejected...